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  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Jimmy Chien

    “I wish more people knew about LEAP and the resources and experiences it can provide. LEAP is absolutely vital in ensuring the Air Force develops personnel with language and cultural skillsets. These skillsets will become invaluable as we continue to leverage and foster our partnerships across the

  • AFCLC’s Educational Student Support Team: Judi Goodall and Marsha Russell

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center has a unique team of individuals whose mission is the administration of the Center’s two courses that each receive three semester hours of credit through the Community College of the Air Force. Part of that team consists of Judi Goodall and Marsha Russell,

  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Timothy Bettis

    "The ability of AFCLC to be forward-thinking and enable USAF students to flex their curriculum to anticipate future DOD needs is highly important. The bottom-up nature of the Language Enabled Airman Program allows students to be more agile in matching their interests and capabilities to emerging DOD

  • Siblings of LEAP: Major Marie and Captain Liana Gaudreault

    Growing up in a military home with Air Force parents, Maj. Marie Gaudreault and Capt. Liana Gaudreault both continued the legacy by joining the Air Force. As sibling pilots in the Air Force and French Scholars in the Language Enabled Airman Program, the Gaudreaults are living out their life journeys

  • LEAP Accepting Cadet Applications 10 January through 7 March

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center announced the Language Enabled Airman Program will accept U.S. Air Force Academy and Air Force ROTC Cadet applications beginning 10 January through 7 March for the 2022 application cycle. LEAP is a career-spanning program to sustain and improve Airmen’s and

  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Nichole Ayers

    Air Force Major Nichole Ayers, a Russian Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar who was recently selected to become a NASA astronaut candidate, said, “It’s important for us as humans going to space together and working together to understand each other’s cultures. I feel like I have already gotten

  • AFCLC and DPAA: A Partnership for Mission Success

    Since 2012, Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars and Foreign Area Officers from the Air Force Culture and Language Center have helped to support the Defense POW/MIA Agency’s mission. What started as linguistic support for DPAA’s Short-term Individual Augmentee Sourcing Conference has now

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DoD Vision
The Department will have the required combination of language skills, regional expertise and cultural capabilities to meet current and projected needs.

AFCLC Mission
The Air Force Culture and Language Center creates and executes language, region and cultural learning programs for Total Force Airmen, and provides the Service with the subject matter expertise required to institutionalize these efforts.

AFCLC Vision
The Air Force Culture and Language Center will lead the U.S. Air Force in building a cross-culturally competent Total Force to meet the demands of the Service's dynamic global mission.