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The Director of Academic Services is Dr. Mehmed Ali.  Our primary mission is to provide academic services and academic support programs across the AU enterprise, to include library/academic resources, research capability (sponsored programs), registrar processes, press and journal services, and teaching and learning center services.

Academic Services includes the following University-wide service organizations:

Air University Library

Air University Library, founded in 1946, is the premier library in the Department of Defense (DOD). It houses well-balanced collections especially strong in the fields of war fighting, aeronautics, Air Force and DOD operations, military sciences, international relations, education, leadership, and management.

Teaching and Learning Center

The Air University (AU) Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is the focal point for activities related to the enhancement of teaching and learning at AU. Our mission includes resources, expertise, guidance and facilities to increase the ability of faculty to teach and students to learn.

AU Registrar

The Air University (AU) Registrar plans, directs, and monitors registrar functions within Air University. The Registrar tracks resident and nonresident education through AU schools and oversees the proper documentation of PME within the personnel system. The registrar office also serves as the Central Scheduling Office for courses and events controlled by AU schools and organizations.

Air University Press

Air University Press (AU Press) is the publishing agent for Air University (AU). Since 1953 it has edited, published and distributed over 1.1 million student papers, curriculum texts, faculty research pieces, journals, and scholarly books to further airpower thought critical to the intellectual growth of the Air Force.

Office of Sponsored Programs

Drs. Margaret Sankey, Kenneth Johnson, and Stephanie Rollins provide oversight of the University's Research Task Forces and support the Air University Chairs.