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  • The Silver Lining in Information Warfare

    Many decisionmakers incorrectly assume weather’s best, if not only utility is in its most perishable form, such as area forecasts, flight weather briefings (DD Form 175-1s), and three-day forecasts. Despite exceptional progress in meteorology over the past 60 years, its use by military

  • Enterprise Investments: The United States Has Been Here Before

    As the United States of America stands on the precipice of another revolution of military affairs, it is important to remember it has been here before. The acquisition enterprise that molds these technologies into military capabilities must continue to develop and modernize to assure continued

  • The Future of Strategic Nuclear Arms Control

    Despite the many obstacles and challenges to cooperation between Washington and Moscow, there may be value in arms control talks using the New START framework as a point of departure. Including China is also important, notwithstanding Beijing’s prior doubts.

  • Revitalizing Operational Air Warfare Thinking

    Tremendous operational-level effects can accrue to the land domain from what airpower can do both on and off the battlefield. An understanding of these effects is key to appreciating what unleashing operational air warfare can accomplish in the planning process.

  • Orienting the Air Force Medical Service toward Expeditionary Medicine

    In response to the pacing threat posed by the People’s Republic of China, the United States is preparing to defend the homeland and deter aggression.1 This future threat will be different than those seen in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Inherent Resolve. During

  • The Next US Space Force Design: Missions and Units for the 2030s

    If the United States is to remain competitive and maintain its leadership in the space domain, it must leverage the full spectrum of its civil, commercial, and military space sectors as soon as possible. With US civil and commercial space sectors already making tremendous strides, it is time for the

  • Air Force and Navy: When to Integrate

    The US Navy and US Air Force should combine redundant capabilities such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to streamline operations and save resources. The Navy should cease its nascent ISR discipline and integrate its personnel and equipment into the Air Force’s structure, due

  • Find Your Humbled Comfort Zone

    “Throughout my career, I constantly reflect on my foundational upbringing and look to my comfort zone. No matter the circumstances, I am always comfortable serving, whether serving others or my country.”