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Vision - Mission

Mission:  Provide visibility and connectivity between Air University C2 stakeholders and the larger C2 stakeholder community. 

Issues and Initiatives

Key Issues 

  • Capture of C2 related education and research opportunities
  • Capture of C2 collaboration and support to outside agencies including HAF, A3 & A5/8 projects
  • Crosstalk with other C2 stakeholders (HAF, AFGSC, ACC, USAFWC, AFRL)


  • JTF-Next”/9AF OIR spinup – LeMay Warfighting Education
  • Collaboration with HAF A3/MITRE on MDC2 Conops – LeMay S&C
  • Collaboration with AFRL “C2 Clean Sheet” – IC/LeMay Doctrine/ACSC
  • C2 ECCT Doctrine & Concepts lead – LeMay CV/S&C
  • AWC C2 Elective (Lt Col Scharrf/ Col Samuelson)

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  • Ongoing Research


    MDOS Research underway  (ACSC - Dr. Reilly)

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