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Assuring the USAF Core Missions in the Information Age

As we progress from the industrial age to the information age, the US Air Force must come to terms with defending our nation by executing its core missions in and through the cyberspace domain. The ubiquitous nature of cyberspace (which goes beyond networks and laptops and is now surging into aircraft, satellites, trucks, and ICBMs), as well as its grounding in the physical world, demands that people acquire different thought paradigms and new skill sets to operate in this man-made domain. We must shift from thoughts of maintaining ironclad security to designing systems with the resilient ability to operate after an attack occurs. That is, we need to shy away from the goal of perfection, understanding that the fog of war is especially true in cyberspace and preparing ourselves to adapt to uncertainty. If the United States plans to remain the world's premier and most powerful air force, it must successfully bridge the cyberspace gap in terms of skill sets, workforce, culture, and mind-set.

Read the entire article over at ASPJ: http://www.airpower.au.af.mil/article.asp?id=336 

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