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Vision - Mission

Vision: To be America’s think tank for Space

Mission: Position the US optimally for long-term (multi-decade) competition in the Space Domain, focusing on comprehensive space power and developing recommendations for innovation in strategy, technology and policy.

Issues and Initiatives


  • Optimal Pathways to Space Industrialization
  • Organization of the Space Enterprise
  • Constructing International Regimes for Space Industrialization, Scenarios for Cooperation & Competition
  • Planetary Defense
  • Space Power Theory and Strategy
  • Interaction Between Commercial Industrial Capabilities and National Security Applications
  • Geo-political impact of commercial activities (Lunar & Asteroid Mining, Space-Based Solar Power, Space Property Rights, Habitats & Settlement)


  • Recommendations for National Space Policy & Strategy
  • MINERVA Grant: "Contemporary Great Power Attitudes Toward Space Expansionism, Territoriality, and Resource Nationalism"
  • Fast Space: Leveraging Ultra Low-Cost Space Access for 21st Century Challenges

Student Research Papers


This analytical study looks at the importance of Deep Space Operations and recommends an approach for senior policy leaders. Section 1 presents a capability requirements definition with candidate solutions and technology strategies. Section 2 recommends an acquisition and organizational approach. Section 3 provides an extended strategic rationale for deep space operations as a national priority.

The Case For Space: A Legislative Framework For An Independent United States Space Force

This paper examines the USAF role in managing space and makes recommendations for the future of space in the United States military. Though it echoes specific recommendations made elsewhere by previous authors, the main purpose of this paper is to consider a legislative framework required to sever space from Air Force oversight, and to establish a separate United States Space Force (USSF) under the Department of Defense. 

PREPARING FOR THE NEXT SPACE RACE: Legislation and Policy Recommendations for Space Colonies
This paper discusses the ambitions of the commercial space industry to build habitats in order to colonize space. It also discusses why space colonization is important to humanity. It then turns to the current international law framework to study if space colonization is legal. Next it looks at what legislation and policy the United States should pursue to successfully allow for colonization. It makes specific recommendations regarding both a civil and criminal law framework to ensure that there is adequate governance of initial colonies in space, without hindering future development.

Featured Research

Space Horizons  Fast Space: Leveraging Ultra Low-Cost Space Access for 21st Century Challenges

This study, conducted by a team of leaders in industry, research and development, finance, policy and strategy, explores whether and how the USAF can form private sector partnerships to create a virtuous cycle of launch cost reductions of between 3 and 10 times lower than today’s costs. Doing so could enable completely new approaches for the Air Force to defend American values, protect American interests, and enhance opportunities to exploit the unique global advantages of the ultimate high ground.
Introducing "Fast Space: Rethinking Access to Space

The “Fast Space” approach to space operations is an ecosystem of concepts, capabilities, and industrial partnerships that make speed the defining attribute of advantage in space, on both the supply and demand sides. This approach, if implemented, will answer global multi-domain problems like command and control (C2), intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), ballistic missile defense, and other challenges such as anti-access and area denial threats to space assets (A2/AD). Fast Space’s architecture directly supports all of the future core missions articulated in the Air Force’s recent Future Operating Concept (AFFOC).

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