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Breaking Stovepipes

Increasingly, the line between physical and cyber has blurred as ICS become a key factor in enabling mission assurance through the basing system. Functional “stovepipes,” specifically those of civil engineer and cyber surety, have resulted in ICS vulnerabilities, threating mission assurance at every one of the service’s installations.

Rethinking Squadron Command Training

Ready, Set Command!

Squadron command is a critical position within the United States Air Force, requiring officers selected for command to maximize their expertise and leadership talents to balance near- and long-term objectives in the pursuit of mission execution. Squadron commanders possess enormous influence over the Airmen they lead, the mission they are responsible for, and the resilience of the organization. While officers selected for command have proven their abilities to lead people, solve problems, and develop action plans to overcome future challenges, they are not adequately trained to maximize success during command.

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