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Nuclear Weapons

Malmstrom, Vandenberg Launch Unarmed ICBM in Test (Air Force Magazine)
The missile was equipped with a test re-entry vehicle, to verify the accuracy and reliability of the system “providing valuable data to ensure a safe, secure, and effective deterrent,” AFGSC said.

Sandia Lab, Fluor, Others Involved with Early Pit Work, SRNS Mission Director Says (Aiken Standard)
At least 80 plutonium pits, commonly referred to as nuclear weapon triggers, are needed by 2030, according to the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, a leading Pentagon nuclear policy document.

China Unveils Drones, Missiles and Hypersonic Glide Vehicle at Military Parade (Defense News)
… the road-mobile DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile and the JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile each made their debut at the parade in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, representing the survivability of China’s nuclear deterrence.


US Arms Control

How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb (MIT News)
Now MIT researchers led by [Areg] Danagoulian have successfully tested a new high-tech method that could help inspectors verify the destruction of nuclear weapons.
Bolton: ‘Military Force Has to Be an Option’ on Denuclearizing North Korea (VOA)
Bolton said the questions to focus on now are not, "Can we get another summit with Kim Jong Un, or what the state of staff-level negotiations are to achieve a commitment from North Korea" that Bolton thinks North Korea "will never honor."
Allies Must Press US to Keep New Start: US Experts (Breaking Defense)
“New START matters to our security, to the security of the alliance, to the cohesion of the (NATO) alliance,” said Tom Countryman, former assistant secretary of State for international security and nonproliferation.



Diverse, Layered Missile Defense Is Key to Killing Drone Swarms (Defense News)
The reality is more likely this: Effective missile defense systems are not based on one weapon capable of stopping everything.

Navy Ballistic Missile Defense (USNI)
It is time the Navy gets out of the business of defending static land assets and reconsiders how ship-based BMD capabilities can best contribute to countering the missile threat.

Climbing the Escalation Ladder: India and the Balakot Crisis (War on the Rocks)
Moreover, since the nuclearization of the subcontinent in the late 1980s, Pakistan has repeatedly threatened the deployment of nuclear weapons in crises with India as part of its “catalytic” nuclear posture, designed both to deter a major conventional attack by India and to draw the United States and other great powers into any military crisis on the subcontinent.


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