USAF Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies

For two decades, the U.S. Air Force Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies has enhanced the national security community's discussion of issues involving nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons through its educational courses, research products, and weekly News and Analysis publication. Through its development and execution of electives for the Air War College and Air Command and Staff College, the Center directly supports the Air Force Strategic Master Plan’s strategic vector to “Provide Effective 21st-Century Deterrence.” The Center has memorandums of agreement with the Air Force Global Strike Command, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, National Nuclear Security Administration, and Project AF RAND to better enhance its efforts to educate Airmen and to provide research on the most challenging defense issues of the day.

Advanced Deterrence Concepts

The USAF Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies hosts electives within the Air War College and Air Command and Staff College on nuclear and non-nuclear deterrence policy and strategy. Nuclear deterrence is the predominant interest, but other forms of deterrence, such as cyber, space, and conventional, are also discussed. The commander of Air Force Global Strike Command and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration provide strategic policy questions for the students to address and support through their academic research. Our Airmen have the opportunity to critically examine and develop operational concepts required for military capabilities and plans required to achieve strategic deterrence with adversarial nations and sub-state groups.