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We host the VCS every other Thursday @ 1300 – 1400 CST. There is a Cyber presentation and then the remainder of the time is left for Q&A with the attendees. Questions are placed in the Teams chat and the moderator will read them to the presenters Attendees are military, DoD employees, and academia. Presentations are not open to the general public and are kept at an unclass level. We offer the option to record at the presenter’s discretion. Recordings can be accessed on our Stream channel on the Air Force .edu Teams platform and can only be accessed by Team members.

Access our VCS channel in Stream – from .edu Teams – Apps – Stream Microsoft Stream- Login MS365 – Discover – Channels – Virtual Cyber Seminar –Follow (Email AWC.CyberCollege.org@us.af.mil for instruction sheet if this doesn't work)

If you are seeing a message indicating the video is blocked, please try using a commercial internet connection and do not go through a VPN. We are working to resolve this issue.

23Sept2021 What is a Cyber Warrior? The Emergence of U.S. Military Cyber Expertise, 1967 - 2018 Rebecca Slayton
Oct2021 Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Look for Updates - We will do a VCS each week!  



Cyber Case Study Project: Call for Abstracts

Compensation for Completed Teaching Case Studies on Cyber Strategy, Policy, and Leadership

The Air Force Cyber College is pleased to announce a call for abstracts on the topics of Cyber Strategy, Policy, and Leadership for the purpose of active learning in educational settings. Abstract deadline: October 12, 2021. Participants who pass peer review with a finished case will receive payment of $500. A total of $2,000 will be paid for the Most Important case study, $1,500 for one Extremely Important case study, and $1,250 for one Important case study.  Case studies will be published by the Air Force Cyber College Case Study Program.  


  The Challenge of Educating the Military on Cyber Strategy

Adm (ret) Mark Montgomery and others of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission feature AF Cyber College in a commentary about cyber strategy education in War on the Rocks. The authors state “each of the services should be offering significant programs in cyber strategy at their war colleges. The Air Force Cyber College sets a strong example of what this could look like.” The article labels the AFCC, NPS and CIC “as exemplars in the professional military education system [that] should be enhanced and institutionalized, so they are not at risk with each change of command or changes in leadership at the national level.”




Due to the recent increase in COVID cases, we feel compelled to transition our in-person DAF IT and Cyber conference planned for 28 Aug in Montgomery, AL to a fully virtual forum. We had hoped to continue in person but believe proceeding on our current vector is not the prudent choice during the ongoing COVID surge. We recognize AFITC is very important to our entire Cyber community and is extremely significant to the state of Alabama and the city of Montgomery. Please understand this choice was not easy, and we do not take this decision lightly.

Speakers are still being added, continue to view the most recent conference agenda updates on the AFITC website, including keynote speakers.

Wine About It is back for the third year. Mark your calendar for 1515 Tuesday, October 5.




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