Dr. Karen Guttieri

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Dr. Karen Guttieri is Dean of the Air Force Cyber College. She leads an interdisciplinary team in empowering US national security professionals to lead and prevail in the information age. This includes three lines of effort: information warfare education development & delivery, cyber outreach and cross-sector collaboration, and research to inform decision makers and develop a new field of knowledge. Dr. Guttieri has published research on technological innovation, military doctrine, psychological operations and civil affairs, evaluation metrics, and how organizations learn. Current research focuses upon cognitive & socio-psychological processes in information warfare such as rumor, fake news, populism, and the role of bots in norms transmission, identity issues of artificial intelligence, peace tech innovation and cyber strategic culture.  In prior roles at the Naval Postgraduate School, she led multinational, multi-agency, and multi-disciplinary research teams and developed education for the Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations community. At the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford she researched peace tech and game design and co-taught a course on trust at the d.school. At Air University, she served as Course Director for International Security Studies at multiple levels of Professional Military Education before joining AFCC in 2019. Dr. Guttieri earned a double-BA in Economics and International Relations from San Francisco State University and MA and PhD degrees in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. She conducted post-doctoral work on technology innovation at Stanford. Dr. Guttieri is an Honorary Member of the United States Army Civil Affairs Regiment.