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Functional Mission Analysis - Cyber

Course Overview

The Functional Mission Analysis-Cyber (FMA-C) course applies JP 5-0 concepts of Operational Design and Mission Analysis to cyberspace operations. The course bridges the gap between network operations and the five core missions of the Air Force.Students will learn critical and strategic thinking skills and apply them according to the Functional Mission Analysis methodology to address mission assurance beyond compliance. Students will begin the transition to a warfighting mindset necessary to "fight the network" as a weapon system.

Course Outcomes

  1. Understanding and basic application of operational design principles to cyberspace operations
  2. Leaders and students understand, manipulate and experiment with the dependence of their mission on cyberspace
  3. Application of a problem framing methodology to help cope with the complexity of cyberspace operations
  4. Application of rigorous inquiry into an existing mission to specify the mission assurance requirements

Follow-on Help

For those that have attended our FMA-C course, we offer https://community.apan.org/wg/air_university/af-cyber-college/fma-c/ (APAN website to stay up to speed on FMA-C updates and MDT/CPT lessons learned)

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