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Executive Level Training

These courses offer senior leaders the chance to better understand cyber vulnerabilities and threats, the global aspects of the cyber domain, and how to interpret the adversary mindset and develop objectives necessary to disrupt, deny, degrade, destroy and deceive their actions and reactions. You will also Examine the role and functions of cyberspace within your missions, and understand the importance of enabling the creation of a culture of cybersecurity within your organization.

We have the following instructions available

  1. Senior Executive Cyber Threats, Operations, Risk and Strategy (SECTORS)
  2. International Mobile Education Teams


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Student Programs

Our student programs develop strategists who can evaluate what leaders must be able to do in, and through, cyberspace to support US National Security, Joint Force or Functional Component Commanders’ objectives and strategy. Our courses examine technology, policy, legal, doctrinal and strategic aspects of cyber conflict as well as investigate the interrelationship of legal, technical/scientific and operational issues of cyberspace and the challenges to national security interests

We have the following instructions available

  1. Essentials of Cyber
  2. Cyber Advanced Research Seminar
  3. Economics of Cybersecurity & Cryptocurrencies
  4. Functional Mission Analysis – Cyber
  5. Cyber for Aviation
  6. Location, Location, Location… Cyber Geography


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The Cyber College leverages faculty academic expertise, student operational experience, and guidance from the operational community to produce actionable research to solve AF, DOD, & national problems. We Create strategic concepts in support of COCOM/National objectives. Our research partners are at the top levels of decision making in the cyber community. Some previous research partners include US Cyber Command, Air Force Space Command, Air Force Chief Information Officer, National Guard Bureau, and the Air Force Surgeon General.


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Think Differently.

Students lack the knowledge and skills to engage effectively with the cyber domain.
We provide a program to learn, think, and act strategically.
So they can apply their newly developed expertise on cyber today and in the future.



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