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The Cyber College leverages faculty academic expertise, student operational experience and guidance from the operational community to produce actionable research to solve AF, DOD, & national problems.

Student Research Papers

Cyber SecurityA Vulnerability Rewards Program for Department of Defense
Cyber SecurityMaintaining Security, Reliability, and Availability of Microelectronics for all DoD Weapon Systems in a Volatile and Hostile Global Economy
Cyber SecurityIdentifying Vulnerabilities to Military Airspace Control
Cyber SecurityComputer Network Defense Service Provider for Platform Information Technology, Industrial Control Systems, and Weapon Systems
Cyber SecurityIncreasing Cybersecurity of Weapon Systems in Later Stages of the Defense Acquisition System
Cyber PolicyRealignment of Space, Cyberspace and ISR forces under a single command and functional construct: An evaluation of Navy Information Dominance Corps and applicability to the Air Force
Cyber PolicyThe Case for Cyber Sanctions: A Call to Utilize Disruptive Cyber Operations as a Tool of Foreign Policy
Cyber PolicyDefending Against a Cyber Pearl Harbor Attack: A Whole of Nation Approach
Cyber PolicyPolicy recommendations Affecting the gaps and challenges in the national policy for cyberspace
Cyber PolicyPower to the People: North Korea and Cyber Power as an Element of Statecraft
Cyber PolicyCreating Streamlined Policy, Coordination, and Employment of Cyber Operations Tools in a Counter-Terrorism Operation
Cyber PolicyWhat National Polices are Needed to Establish Cyber Stability through Deterrence?
Cyber PolicyDefending against Cyber-Pearl Harbor and the Role of International Relations
Cyber PolicyA Whole-of-Society Approach to Cybersecurity: Preventing a Cyber Pearl Harbor
OperationsCommunications Squadron Next: How Will We Get There?
OperationsAir Force Wide Cyber Mission Assurance
OperationsCurrent Developments between Cyberspace Operations and Electronic Warfare in the U.S. Navy
OperationsSeeking breadth in defensive strategy
OperationsAir Force Needs “Awareness” of Cyberspace Operations, Not “Authority”: What the Air Force Should Concern Itself With in Cyberspace
OperationsRealizing the Nexus between Spectrum Dominance and Cyberspace Operations
OperationsBreaking Down Stovepipes: Providing Multi-Domain Mission Assurance by Bridging Gaps in Air Force Industrial Control System Management
OperationsOrganizing Air Force Cyber Capabilities to Counter the Adversary
Misc Cyber TopicsDefining a Testable Cyber Requirement for Legacy Weapon Systems
Misc Cyber TopicsSearching for Cyber Resiliency: A Merging of Acquisition and Operational Solutions
Misc Cyber TopicsCyber Pearl Harbor/911...Resiliency and Antifragility as Priority Over Exclusive Focus on Defense
Misc Cyber TopicsFull Spectrum Deterrence – A New Approach to Cyber Deterrence
Misc Cyber TopicsWhat Box? Disruptive Innovation as a Tool to Transform How the USAF Collaborates with Private Sector Colleagues to Become Cutting-Edge Cyber Ninjas
Misc Cyber TopicsThe Combat Cloud Concept
Misc Cyber TopicsCyber Awareness for the Combat Air Forces Warfighter
Misc Cyber TopicsCyber implication to nuclear reliability in our quest to modernize and integrate across our nuclear enterprise
Misc Cyber TopicsCommand and Control Across Space and Cyberspace Domains
Misc Cyber TopicsAir Reserve Component Challenges in the Cyber Mission Force

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