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Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor Application

Greetings and thank you for your interest in becoming an AFJROTC Instructor!  Please read all of this thoroughly BEFORE you start an application. 


Am I obligated for applying?  You incur no obligation for submitting an application.  Once your application is approved, the decision to be nominated to any school, or to accept a hiring offer from any school is your choice. 

I my retired pay impacted in any way?  Being an AFJROTC instructror has no impact on your miltiary retired pay. 


Minimum application requirements:

>>WAIVERS: Waiver requests must be resolved BEFORE an online application is attempted. Waivers are based on the location, not the person.  If a person is interested in a hard-to-fill location, waivers may be possible.  Easy to fill locations (like San Antonio) receive no waivers because the locations are not hard-to-fill.  Email: HQ-InstructorMgmt@afjrotc.com with any waiver requests/questions.

>>INTEGRITY FIRST: Providing any false or misleading information during the applciation process is an intergity violation and will result in your disqualification.  Bypassing the pre-screening questions with inaccurate answers, or failing to disclose adverse actions is providing false and misleading information. 

1) Must be retiring/retired from a component of the US Air Force.  

2) Have retirement orders. With verification from AFPC (AD) or ARPC (ANG/AFRES) that your retirement application has been APPROVED, an application can be started.  However, we cannot finalize approval of any application until the actual, published retirement orders are provided.

3) Hold a retired grade of E6 to E9 or O4 to O6. Waivers for E5 and O3 may be possible if interested in a hard-to-fill location.

4) Be retiring no farther than 9 months (270 days) out or be retired no longer than 5 years. A waiver for someone retired longer than 5 years may be possible, depending on the location of interest. (Contact HQ-InstructorMgmt@afjrotc.com for questions on this)

5) Hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (major/minor is not relevant). For enlisted members with an Associates Degree PLUS coursework towards a Bachelor's: a waiver agreement may be possible for those who are seeking employment at a hard-to-fill location AND the interested person agrees to complete the degree within a specified timeframe.  ..

6) Use a commercial e-mail address (may not use .mil email addresses).  Remember to check the "Junk" or "Bulk Mail" folder.  

7) Be sure that you have read and understand ALL of the following information. If you meet all the minimum requirements stated above, the following information lists the items you will need to complete your application:


• RETIREMENT ORDERS: We will accept verification of an approved retirement from AFPC/ARPC to allow you to begin an application with AFJROTC. Please understand that we cannot approve your AFJROTC application until we receive a copy of your actual, published retirement orders.


• GRAY AREA RETIREES (ANG/AFRES Members):  You must include a Points Summary (with the cover sheet!) showing verification of at least 20 satisfactory service years. You can request this via HQ ARPC.  Points are not used.


• RETIRED GRADE:  All Air Force Junior ROTC instructors will display on their uniform, and will be addressed as, the grade in which they were officially retired.  This may or may not be the grade held at retirement. Why?  Active Duty officer retirement orders show a "retired grade" and "highest grade held."  Officers who do not complete the mandatory time in grade requirements before retiring (or get a time in grade waiver from AFPC) will be officially retired in the next lower grade.  

     NOTE: If an applicant believes his/her retirement orders are incorrect, it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact AFPC/ARPC/NGB to get their retirement orders updated/corrected, or to obtain an official clarifying document which fully explains the discrepancy. We do not accept other documents, such as a DD Form 214, to validate anyone's retired grade.  


• DEROGATORY INFORMATION / ADVERSE ACTIONS: If you have any derogatory information/adverse information in your past you must disclose it.  Disclosing it does not necessarily disqualify you, it is about the actual information.  However, failing to report any derogatory information can certainly disqualify you.  You must fully explain any derogatory information and include supporting documents with your application package.  Any and all negative information needs to be disclosed at this time and explained. Failure to do so could result in your application being permanently disapproved. (NOTE: Automatic disqualification may stem from a civilian felony conviction, a military courts-martial conviction, or military non-judicial punishment records (or civil convictions) involving a violent act, a threatening act, domestic violence, child or spouse abuse, sexual abuse or sexual-related offenses (physical or verbal), pornography, larceny (theft), forgery, or abuse of rank/position.)  Please be advised that all applicants will be screened through an Air Force Legal Office for previous judicial/non-judicial punishment records.  Furthermore, please know that schools will do a thorough background check prior to employment.  


• PHOTO: A current full length photograph showing head to toe, in short sleeve or long sleeve blues shirt and pants. No Coat/Jacket. This does not need to be professional photo, but be sure it is in jpeg or PDF format only. No faxed photos please. We must to be able to clearly see that you are within Air Force Dress and Appearance standards since all AFJROTC instructors wear an Air Force uniform daily.


• REFERENCES: Three references with daytime contact information (complete phone numbers) are required to complete your application. One reference should be your most recent/current supervisor. None of the references should be related to you in any way. A standardized set of questions will be used when references are contacted.  Please note: the JRI staff will not attempt to find alternate contact information so the burden to provide quality contact information is placed on the applicant. You may include the references in an email or within a word document.


• COLLEGE DEGREE TRANSCRIPTS: Include a copy of the diploma or transcripts reflecting the degree(s) you were awarded from an accredited institution. You must have a minimum of a completed/awarded Bachelor’s degree. (Location-specific waivers may be possible for those enlisted applicants who are near a Bachelor's degree, but have not yet completed.  An agreement to complete the degree within a specified timeframe will be required.)


• PERFORMANCE REPORTS: The last 10 Performance Reports (not to include any LOEs). If you do not have copies of your performance reports, retirement orders, etc., you may request them from: http://www.archives.gov/veterans

ANG members only: If your performance reports do not exist (verified by AFPC/ANG/ARPC), a minimum of three current letters of recommendation are required from your commanders, supervisors, and/or First Sergeants attesting to your quality of military service, professionalism, integrity and leadership ability. 


• OCCUPATIONAL SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE: You will need to fill out, sign and submit an AFJROTC Occupational Screening Questionnaire. If you have a medical/physical condition that may limit you from fully performing AFJROTC instructor duties, you will need a note from your Physician explaining it all.  This form can be downloaded in the online application module.



After you submit your application, Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor Management will perform a full review.  If all is well, you will be instructed to schedule a visit with a current Senior instructor (a retired commissioned officer instructor only) to get an in-person interview and to have your weight and body fat measurements taken. 

DO NOT schedule the interview until instructed to do so.  Please do not get ahead of the regular application process.

APPLICATION INTERVIEW WORKSHEET: A Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) will conduct an in-person interview. This interview is from a current AFJROTC officer instructor at a high school in your area. This interview helps determine if you are a good fit for Air Force Junior ROTC instructor duty. The interview form is included as part of the final process of your application. To find the nearest Air Force Junior ROTC unit, go to https://holmcenter.com/locator/. You will see a map with “pins” where all the units are located. Just scroll down the page and you will see the listing with contact numbers. Please contact them to set up your interview. The SASI will have the interview form and will send the completed copy to our office. If they choose to give you a copy, you may send it to us as well. 


  • BODY FAT ASSESSMENT (Not BMI): You will actually be weighed and/or measured during your Application Interview with a current SASI.  Per AFJROTCI 36-2010, members must meet weight and/or body fat standards. We use the long-standing DoD standards for Air Force Junior ROTC. Air Force PT Test results are not accepted. If you are 29.0 BMI and under, no body fat measurements are needed.  If you are found to be over 29.0 BMI, you must be measured for body fat percentage.  If you are under the maximum allowable body fat (males 26% and females 36%) you are still eligible to apply.  If you are over your maximum body fat, your application will not be processed.  


You must have an APPROVED instructor application before you can be nominated for any current vacancies. We do not send your nomination prior to your application being approved.  Please do not contact any school regarding a vacant position until you are approved and nominated to that school by our office. Doing so may permanently disqualify you from the program.


If you have read all of the above, and you are confident that have everything you need....

CLICK HERE to start your Instructor Application 

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