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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, commonly known as STEM concepts, are taught in the Air Force Junior ROTC classroom and practiced in popular co-curricular activities.  STEM tools like Flight Simulators, Model Rockets, and Remote Controlled (RC) Aircraft have been used to enrich learning opportunities and provide immersive / experiential learning that reinforce what is taught in the classroom.

In 2014, Air Force Junior ROTC added a fun and exciting STEM-oriented activity by providing RC Multicopters to a limited number of Air Force Junior ROTC units.  These hands-on teaching and learning tools are used to not only reinforce STEM learning objectives, but to enhance the program’s Aerospace Science Curriculum.  The Air Force Junior ROTC Multicopter STEM initiative has captured the hearts and imaginations of cadets across the nation.  Cadets are now able to put the knowledge they have learned in their math and science classes, including our own academic courses, into practice as they execute the fundamentals of Aerospace Science.

Given Air Force Junior ROTC’s size and scope and because STEM is already an important component of what is taught in Air Force Junior ROTC, the partnership between Air Force Junior ROTC and the "Air Force K-12 STEM Program" aims to inspire even more youth towards these exciting career opportunities and service to the United States.

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