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Awards and Scholarships


Acts of bravery and heroism abound within the cadet corps. In the past, cadets have saved drowning victims, rescued victims from burning vehicles and buildings, and administered CPR and administered the Heimlich maneuver to save the life of others. In once instance, a young cadet leaped aboard a moving, driverless school bus, loaded with small children, and successfully prevented a disaster.

These cadets have saved many lives and have been recognized with awards of valor and numerous accolades from their schools and civic organizations. All cadets have the opportunity to earn numerous prestigious awards that can be worn on the AFJROTC uniform.


Each year AFJROTC scholarship boards meet to review cadets’ records. Active members are given special consideration for fouryear scholarships. Historically, over 60 percent of cadets who become eligible receive scholarship offers. Scholarships pay for tuition, books and fees and cadets also receive a stipend each month.

Each Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) plays a big part in ensuring their cadets are viewed favorably for a scholarship by submitting a letter of recommendation.

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