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Professional Officer Course-Early Release Program (POC-ERP)

POC-ERP offers active duty enlisted personnel the opportunity to earn a commission who can complete all bachelor degree and commissioning requirements in 2 years as an AFROTC cadet.  Applicants are not authorized to pursue a second bachelors or graduate degree.  

Note:  Applicants within one year of completing their bachelor's degree, with a bachelor's degree or desiring to earn graduate degrees may not participate in this program. They should seek commissioning through OTS. 

Those selected separate from the active duty Air Force, join an AFROTC detachment and become a full-time college student. The Air Force provides them a monthly nontaxable stipend. Upon graduation and completion of the program, you will be commissioned as a second lieutenant and will then be returned to active duty with a military obligation of 4 years active and 4 years reserves. 

All majors are accepted.



How does the selection process work?



A selection board is held once a year. The board utilizes the "whole person" concept to evaluate applicants. As part of the board process, applicants will be evaluated on their ability to put their package together in the proper format in accordance with the ECP Package Checklist and directions on this site. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the package is complete.

While the board considers all documents in an application package, they typically focus on the applicant's academic performance, the commander's recommendation, and the airman's duty performance history to determine the applicant's eligibility.

Airmen selected will receive instructions and be required to complete additional post selection actions. Once all actions have been completed they will be authorized to separate no earlier than 10 days prior to their class start date the following fall term. 

Waiver requests must be included in the application package and submitted to HQ AFROTC/RRUE NET 1 September and NLT 15 October each year.  Late packages or packages missing required waiver(s) will not be accepted.

Note: The applicant is ultimately responsible for the completeness and accuracy of their package. The Base Education Center may assist the member in an advisory capacity ONLY.


What are your chances?



FY15 46%
FY16   36% 
FY17  100%
FY18 88%


Are You Eligible?



Note:  Not all requirements are listed.  For a complete list ref: AFI 36-2013 AFROTCI 36-2011, AFI 36-2002 and AFI 36-2005.  

  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Meet the Age requirements.
    •  Applicants must commission by age 39.  Up to age 42 with a waiver.  Applicants commissioning over the age of 39 will need to submit a waiver request to HQ AFROTC/RRUE.


  • Have at least 1 year Time-In-Service (Waiverable).
  • Have at least 1 year Time-On-Station at board convening date (Board is held in January) (Waiverable).
  • Have served at least half of an overseas tour 1 month prior to class start date (Waiverable).
    • Overseas Long Tour.  Applicants serving overseas long tour locations must submit applicants before the 25th day of the 8th month before DEROS (Waiverable).
  • Be recommended by your immediate commander on the AF Form 56.
  • Must be able to complete their degree in 2 years and be considered a full-time student by the university. 
  • Be admitted to a school offering AFROTC (including cross-town schools) in the academic major you desire to study.
  • Earn Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) scores of 15 or more on the Verbal scale and 10 or more on the Quantitative scale.  
  • Pass all components of the Air Force Physical Fitness Test.
  • Must not be selected for reassignment prior to application submission date.
  • Must be medically qualified for continued enlistment, commissioning, and cleared for worldwide duty.
  • Must not be PRP decertified or disqualified (Waiverable).
  • Must not have any restrictions (AAC, ALC, O, UIF, etc) other than an AAC code 5 (Waiverable).

  • Must not have an SRB within the present enlistment. (Waiverable)
  • Meet retainability requirement.  The earliest selects will be authorized to separate is 10 days prior to class start date.  If the applicant does not meet this requirement, they must request an extension through their normal base channels.
  • Meet all the requirements for commissioning (physical, moral, fitness, etc.) listed in AFI 36-2013, AFROTCI 36-2011, AFI 36-2002 and AFI 36-2005.  

Note:  Waivers are not guaranteed. Waiver requests must reach HQ AFROTC/RRUE NET 1 September and NLT 15 October each year.  


  • How will you afford this program?
    If selected, you will separate from the Air Force. You will no longer be collecting military pay and benefits and will be living on the civilian economy like any other college student.
How Do You Apply? 

Check out our program application page

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