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AFJROTC Instructor Hiring and Certification Process

Initial Application Process:  Before any person can be considered an applicant, they must have an approved application on file with HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management Division. 

The initial application process screens candidates for general suitability, including time since retirement, their service history, college degrees, meeting weight and body fat standards, and their desire to teach in the high school environment.  Not all applicants are approved. 

Applications are taken via our website (www.afjrotc.com).  Potential applicants must use our website to apply.  Those not meeting the initial screening requirements may not apply using the website.  Those who do not meet the screening requirements for use of the online application may still be considered on a case by case basis in unusual circumstances and if they receive a waiver from the Chief of Instructor Management.  An example of an unusual circumstance is the desire to apply for an extended vacancy and the person’s time since retirement has exceeded five years. 

HQ AFJROTC's goal is to provide and maintain a fair and equitable nomination process so that any interested applicant has an equal chance at a particular vacancy.  Anyone interested in a particular vacancy should not attempt working with any school directly until HQ AFJROTC officially refers them as an approved applicant.  If it is determined that a particular applicant is circumventing this official process in an attempt to gain an advantage, that applicant may be rendered ineligible for that vacancy. HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management reserves the right to make that determination.


School Referral and Interviews:  It is important to note that all vacancies are filled with volunteers only.  HQ AFJROTC cannot force anyone to apply for a particular location.  If we have no volunteers, we have no names to refer.

Once a person has an approved application with HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management Division, they are eligible to volunteer for a vacancy of their choice.  All known vacancies or pending vacancies are posted on our website under the “Instructors” menu.  HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management operates in three week cycles, collecting volunteers for three week periods. 

At the end of each three week cycle, we refer all interested applicants to the respective schools.  The goal is to complete this entire referral process within 5 workdays.  Referrals are sent via email to the school principal with the applicant’s name and contact information included.  Each applicant who is referred receives separate confirmation email telling them to which school they were referred. 

Applicants are asked not to inquire about a specific referral until after 5 workdays have passed.  If, after 5 workdays have passed, an applicant has received no confirmation email, then contacting HQ AFJROTC is appropriate.


Interview Process:   It is up to the school and the applicant(s) to establish communication and accomplish any district paperwork, background checks, or other items necessary to complete the interview process.  HQ AFJROTC does not track all application/hiring requirements within the 650 school districts that host AFJROTC Programs. Therefore, each school must guide all applicants accordingly.


Travel costs for an interview are at the applicant’s expense.  Applicants are reminded not to volunteer for a position unless they are available and willing to travel to the school for an interview. Applicants who are nominated, but fail to contact the school or appear for a scheduled interview show insincerity unfavorable to the Air Force. Such applicants may be permanently withdrawn from further consideration.  Note: In unusual cases where travel is prohibitive, schools may grant an applicant an interview via an internet-based video chat or other medium of their choice. 


Applicants being interviewed must put their best foot forward.  Wearing the Service Dress Uniform is the first choice for an in-person interview, since AFJROTC Instructors are mandated to wear the blue uniform daily.  


Hiring Process:  The schools have the final say on which approved applicant they choose to hire.  Once a school makes an offer to an approved applicant and the applicant accepts, the school will notify HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management.  At that point, the school will be asked for any additional information needed, including completion of a DD Form 2767, Annual Certification of Pay and Data Form.


Instructor Transfer Process:  Instructors may not transfer prior to serving two full academic years with their current unit, partial years do not count. Instructors may not contact school officials concerning vacancies unless specifically referred by Holm Center/JRI.  Instructors who accept new positions must provide HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management a transfer AFJROTC Form 98 within 15 days of accepting the offer. They must also resign their current positions effective the end of the current school year.  Instructors contacting school officials without a proper referral may be considered ineligible for the position. NOTE: Current instructors, who interview for, are offered, and decline a position may be ruled ineligible for transfer for one (1) additional school year.



Certification Process:  HQ AFJROTC provides the basic certification for all AFJROTC Instructors to teach in AFJROTC.  No instructor can become (or remain) an AFJROTC instructor without the certification granted by HQ AFJROTC.


Once a new applicant is hired by a school, the applicant is sent a Provisional Certification letter which they can provide to the district/school as required.  This Provisional Certification allows the person to immediately teach AFJROTC classes and is good until the new hire attends our formal Instructor Certification course, held each summer at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL.  Once an instructor attends our formal certification course, they will be considered fully Certified


Each state or district may levy additional certification or professional development requirements on their faculty, including AFJROTC Instructors.  HQ AFJROTC does not prohibit any such requirements, but additional requirements should be carefully measured, since AFJROTC instructors can only teach AFJROTC-approved curriculum.