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Expenses for Inbound Direct-Commissioned Officers

You will incur a number of expenses immediately upon arrival to COT. Please see list below. (NOTE - this list is not all-inclusive). 

Item(s) Estimated Amount Optional Purchase Comment Timeframe Funds Needed
Uniforms (certain accessories may be optional) $1,000.00 Mandatory Estimate is based off current uniform item checklist

Upon Arrival

Sundry items (detergent, toothpaste, shampoo etc) $25.00 Optional Cost varies based upon individual preferences Upon Arrival
Dining Facility Meals (3 times a day at $4.00 per meal) $372.00 Mandatory Average meal price used. Active Duty personnel will receive an EZ Pay card with $300 applied to it that is deducted from their base pay. The remaining balance at graduation will be deposited back into their pay accounts.Guard / Reserve / HPSP personnel must pay cash for all meals. Daily ($12.00) immediately
Awards Banquet Ticket (~$40.00) per trainee / guest(COT ONLY) ~$40.00 Mandatory Additional funds required if you invite a guest 3d Week of Training
Flight Photos $10.00 Optional Optional packages are also available at additional fee 3d Week of Training
Flight Meal / Flt CC memorabilia $30.00 Optional 5th Week of Training
MREs / Boxed Breakfasts $70.00 Mandatory Cash Only Taken Immediately Upon Arrival


It is imperative that you have a method of payment ready with you for these expenses.  You may pay for your uniform items by:

  • Master Card, Visa, or Discover (no American Express)
  • Personal check, travelers’ check, or cash
  • Military Star credit card—For uniforms only: a maximum of $500 with no interest. For all military shopping: maximum limit based on credit check with a variable interest rate. Card can be obtained before arrival or application can be initiated during in-processing.

Please remember to have small bills ($1's and $5's) for meals at the Dining Facility.  Active Duty personnel will receive an EZ Pay Card with $300 that is deducted from their base pay.  Guard/Reserve/HPSP personnel must pay cash for all meals.


It is recommended you bring an additional $300 in cash for other immediate needs (additional uniform items, flight room supplies, stationary, etc.).  An ATM is available at the AAFES OTS Shoppette if you need additional cash at any time.