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Administrative Information for Inbound COT Officers


If you are going overseas after you graduate, you must IMMEDIATELY contact the nearest base installation passport office to initiate the paperwork for your dependents (married and single parents only) official passport.  All dependents must obtain an OFFICIAL PASSPORT to travel to overseas location (with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii).
 It takes six to eight weeks to process an official passport. 

Please be aware that some countries will deny entry at the border to someone entering the country on official government business that arrives with only a tourist passport and not the official passport.  If you use a tourist passport when traveling in an official capacity, it misrepresents the true purpose for which the traveler has entered the country.  This can have a serious and adverse affect on our reciprocal relations with foreign countries.  If you experience a problem while in the host country, the official passport provides quicker access to officials of the host country government and greater protection.


You should not make any travel arrangements to leave the Montgomery area prior to 1 p.m. on your graduation day.
Typically graduation events are complete by noon, but you should allow time for packing, checking out, transit, and security measures at the airport.



To ensure prompt delivery of your mail, use the following address:

550 E. Maxwell Blvd. #9000
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-5000