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Personal and Family Medical Care

Medical Care Information for Inbound COT Officers 

All students will have access to routine and acute medical care on base. Procedures for emergency medical care during non-duty hours will be explained upon your arrival. While traveling to Officer Training School, if you experience an injury or illness that requires emergency care, report to the closest emergency room. If a military facility is nearby, use its emergency room. If you're not near a military base, a civilian emergency room may be utilized. Ensure you inform the medical staff that you are an active duty Air Force member, and they will bill the appropriate military hospital for your care. Do not report to a civilian hospital for routine or acute care while traveling, or you will be responsible for your own medical bills. An emergency is any situation that will result in loss of life, limb, or eyesight.

Your Family's Medical Care 

As a Commissioned Officer, your family members are eligible for medical care under TRICARE. To ensure they receive the proper care, you must first make sure they are enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERS). The information below will provide you with all you need to know to ensure your families are properly cared for in your absence.

What is DEERS?  DEERS is a computerized database of military sponsors, families and others worldwide who are entitled under the law to TRICARE medical benefits. DEERS registration is required for TRICARE eligibility. The DEERS record will indicate the dates of eligibility. All uniformed services sponsors (active duty or retired) should ensure that their family status (marriage, divorce, new child, etc.) and residential address are current in DEERS. DEERS enrollment is completed at uniformed services personnel offices, not TRICARE service centers. For more information about DEERS, contact the Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office (DSO) Telephone Center from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, at the following toll-free number: 1-800-538-9552.


Active Duty Personnel: Active-duty and retired service members are automatically registered in DEERS, but they must take action to register their family members and ensure they’re correctly entered into the database. Mistakes in the DEERS database can cause problems with TRICARE claims, so it is critical to maintain your DEERS information.

Non-Prior Service Personnel: Dependents are eligible for TRICARE if they are registered in DEERS. Enrollment typically occurs at your local MEPS center. If for some reason it does not, enrollment will occur during your in-processing to OTS. To ensure enrollment occurs expeditiously and correctly, you must provide the source documents as outlined on the Arrival Day page

If you and your family members have been issued military identification cards, they should be enrolled in DEERS.  This is a requirement for them to obtain an ID card and have access to military facilities. If you have not been issued a military ID, you will be issued one as soon as possible after arrival. At that time, arrangements will be made to enroll your dependents in DEERS. Once in DEERS, your dependents are authorized medical care under TRICARE. While in training, if your dependents require any medical care, they should contact the closest military hospital and ask for an appointment. If an appointment is not available, they may seek care from a civilian provider, but a referral must be made by the military treatment facility.  

If you have already reported to your permanent assignment, you should have had the opportunity to enroll dependents in TRICARE Prime or Standard. If they are enrolled, they should contact their primary care manager (PCM) when in need of medical care. The PCM will provide appropriate instructions based on local rules governing medical treatment. If your dependents did not enroll in TRICARE Prime or Standard, they fall under TRICARE CHAMPUS rules. Should you have any further questions regarding TRICARE, please call 1-800-409-3950 or visit their web site @ www.tricare.mil.

For more information, visit the official DEERS website or visit the TRICARE website to download their Tricare handbook.

Pregnant / Postpartum / Nursing 

In accordance with (IAW) AFI 36-2013, OFFICER TRAINING SCHOOL (OTS) AND ENLISTED COMMISSIONING PROGRAMS (ECPS), para. 3.19.3, do not plan to attend training if you are pregnant. Contact your unit commander/supervisor, training manager, recruiter or AFIT program manager immediately if you become pregnant. The physical requirements placed on you during training are demanding, and being pregnant will prevent you from completing training. If pregnancy is discovered after arrival you may be removed from training.

If you are less than 12 months postpartum or are currently breast-feeding, please contact 23 TRS to gather more information and discuss your case.  You can reach us at amber.waters.2@us.af.mil.