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OTS Accelerated Commissioning Program (OTS-ACP)

  Inbound OTS-ACP Students

The Officer Training School Accelerated Commissioning Program (OTS-ACP) is an immersive 14-training-day course designed specifically for prior-service senior noncommissioned officers (SNCO) who have completed SCNO Academy. OTS-ACP gives credit for the previous experience and education of SNCOs and accelerates fielding of newly commissioned officers to their units. OTS-ACP competency-based content is comprised of case studies, guided discussions, mentoring, reflection, and experiential events designed to challenge students and guide the transition from the enlisted ranks to commissioning as an officer.


PDF Icon Inbound OTS-ACP students only, select this link to view the 'Welcome Guide'.  
PDF Icon ACP questions and eligibility requirements, select this link to view ' FAQs'.        


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