Religious Accommodation Preparation

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  • Officer Training School

1. Welcome to Officer Training School! You will discover that this training is critical to hone and develop your leadership skills, as well as provide you with the necessary tools to be the best Air and Space Force officer you can be. As you pack your bags and head towards Maxwell AFB, we want to encourage you to bring any religious items that may encourage your spiritual resiliency (i.g., faith books/devotionals, religious apparel, Eucharistic Mass kits, rosary, and/or prayer mats). All religious materials must be secured with your personal belongings and placed out-of-site in order to preserve the religious freedom and respect of others.

2. Due to Covid-19, OTS has made operational adjustments to mitigate any health risks. We have suspended trainee participation in on and off base worship gatherings while at OTS. We encourage online worship services, of your choice, using your personal computers/smartphones.  If you have specific religious requirements and you are unsure what to bring with you to meet your spiritual needs, please coordinate with me prior to your arrival.

3. Trainees who have facial hair must have a religious or medical waiver. Without either one of these waivers, the trainee will be required to shave, immediately, until a waiver is obtained.  

4. Additionally, once you in-process at OTS, all religious accommodation requests must be submitted and approved by your flight instructor. If need be, one of the chaplains can help provide or facilitate your request.

5. If you have any questions, please contact the OTS Chaplain at 334-301-1173.