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OTS-A Frequently Asked Questions

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You may purchase all required uniform items prior to arrival, but you are highly encouraged to ask for assistance from AAFES staff regarding proper fit and wear of uniform items. AAFES will not accept returns or exchange items that have been worn or altered.  If you are unable to pre-purchase, uniforms will be available for purchase once you arrive for training.  The list of uniform items for RCOT can be found on the Dress & Appearance webpage.. 
All trainees are required to bring their own laptop to training.  Additionally, personally procured/purchased access to the internet (e.g. MiFi, 3G/4G device, etc.) is recommended as government provided wireless internet connectivity is currently limited on Maxwell AFB.  Wireless internet is available in various locations on the campus, but connection speeds may become impaired based upon the number of students using it.  There are locations on the base that offer free wireless network access, but you will have very limited access to those locations for at least the first 2 weeks of training. Computer access for personal services such as Skype and Oovoo are not available on government computers.  These services, along with social media and all personal business, must be conducted on a personal computer or hand held device.  Again personal computers are highly encouraged.  Personal computers WILL NOT be plugged into the military network.  
Your pay record will be established during the first or second week of training. Often times, there are delays when creating your pay records, for various reasons.  It is highly recommended that you have enough money set aside to pay all of your bills for up to a month in advance, in the event you do not get paid on time.  Refer to the Pay & Allowance page of this website for additional information. 

Often times, orders will authorize early reporting; however, DO NOT report to training until the day/time listed on the website.  The website is the only official source for class start/graduation dates.  If your orders say to report a day or two prior to the class start date listed on the website, you may make travel arrangements to Maxwell AFB, but you will also need to reserve your own lodging with the Maxwell AFB Lodging Office for the days leading up to the class start date. Please call the Maxwell AFB Lodging Office at (334) 953-2055 to make reservations. 

Appropriate accommodations can be made to assist breastfeeding trainees while attending COT/RCOT training. 

To begin coordination prior to arrival, the breastfeeding student needs to contact the OTS Registrars at OTS.Registrar.Workflow@us.af.mil or (334) 953-3517/5523.

Check your orders to see if you are authorized early reporting/travel time to training. This information can be found in several locations, depending on the type of orders you have.  If you are travelling on AF Form 766 (Active Duty) orders, check Block 13.  Normally, your orders will state that EARLY REPORTING IS NOT AUTHORIZED.  If this is the case, work with CTO to get the earliest flight available to Montgomery, AL on the arrival day.  

If your flight will be arriving outside of the times stated on the In-Processing page on this website, immediately contact the DET 12 Director of Operations (DO) at 206-604-3794 or OTS Registrars at OTS.Registrar.Workflow@us.af.mil, phone (334) 953-3517/5523.




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