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The IC is a matrixed team from LeMay Center Strategy/Concepts and Communications & Outreach Directorate, AU/A3, AU Academic Services, as well as liaisons from all AU units.

VISION: Foster strategic thinking and collaboration to focus AU on DAF and national challenges.

MISSION:  Facilitate AU scholarship, innovation, and partnerships to anticipate and frame strategic and emergent issues


  1. Build bridges within AU (internal relationships) to link, expand, and fund research, education, & activities.
    • Facilitate a common operating picture (COP) that builds AU-wide awareness of information, actions, & events maximizing AU participation & enabling rapid decision making through decentralized execution.
    • Expand research through facilitating internal partnerships and funding research through centrally managed funds, while finding outside sponsors for DAF-focused research topics
    • Disseminate information that facilitates individual/group awareness of opportunities for service/scholarship (Strategic Topic List, AI briefing,…)
  2. Connect AU talent with DAF issues (external relationships) and mobilize the intellectual power for the nation
    • Improve integration/outreach by shaping projects to expand opportunities for multiple parts of AU.
    • Stand-up and sustain research task forces (RTF) for focused research of sponsored topics
    • Create, develop and manage relationships with top tier universities, industry and DoD partners
    • Build communities of interest to grow networks and facilitate dialogue within AU and beyond
    • Create and maintain processes to acquire, incentivize, and track externally prompted research - create more effective call for topics, create opportunities for students and military faculty to collaborate with project sponsors and trained researchers, incentivize research & consulting (outreach overlap)
  3. Illuminate emergent issues (futures-oriented focus) to improve AU's ability to anticipate future challenges
    • Provide strategic problem framing, design thinking, consultation, and solution development for airpower and national security issues
    • Translate and explore concepts and ideas by leveraging existing AU expertise, products, and networks
    • Increase our connection with AFWIC for topic identification and external sponsors
    • Advise AU strategic planning and alignment efforts with AETC and DAF.
    • Leverage partnership with MGMWERX to discover, incubate and accelerate innovation
    • Energize the virtuous circle of doctrine, wargaming, lessons learned, education

Research Task Forces

Name Topic Origin
Airpower/C2 VCSAF
Innovation Internal
Space NSC
Surgeon General SG
VR/AR Internal
ISIS Campaign History AF/HO

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