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The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success: Communications and Leadership on the Same Page
Despite the many books, conferences, presentations, and papers that have been written about how to communicate, how to work with the media, and how to respond to crises, we continue to see repeated mistakes. However, there is one constant thread that is found in organizations that respond well to emergencies. That thread or that “secret sauce” is leadership. It is leadership that has bought into the importance of providing access to the media; being responsive to the media; establishing relationships with the media; and having integrity. In fact, those four concepts are as relevant and important today in the digital media age as they were decades ago—if not more so. In The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success, Tom Jurkowsky writes about various situations he dealt with during his 31 years in the Navy as a public relations officer, eight years as the vice president for media relations at Lockheed Martin Corp., and eight years as the director of corporate communications at the US Mint. The goal of The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success is for both communication practitioners and their leaders to learn from the author’s experiences and motivate both, in tandem, so that they always do the “right thing.” [Tom Jurkowsky / 2020 / 162 pages / ISBN: 9781585663019 / AU Press Code: B-162]