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Learning Sciences & Technology (LSAT)

Squadron Officer School's (SOS) Learning Sciences & Technology (LSAT) Team is centered on collaboration and teamwork among leadership, faculty, and students to apply advances in learning sciences, immersive learning and technology for strengthening the character, service, and lifelong learning of Airmen.  Though scenario-based learning and immersive learning via virtual/augmented/mixed reality, SOS is transforming how Air Force captains accomplish their first level of Professional Military Education.

Our Team

Our team can be reached via email SOS/LSAT Org.

Toni Hawkins-Scribner 


Bradley Aldridge


Toni Hawkins-Scribner is serving The Air University, SOS, as the LSAT Director.  She consults and advises leadership and faculty in designing, developing, and implementing learning strategies and emerging learning technologies into AF educational and professional military education programs.  Research interests include learning environments, immersive learning, educational and instructional design models, learning theory, and faculty on-boarding and development.

Brad Aldridge is a Senior Educational Technology Analyst for the LSAT Studio at SOS Maxwell  AFB, Alabama.  He consults and assists SOS faculty in designing, developing, and implementing emerging learning technologies and principles into AF educational and professional military education programs.  Research interests include collaboration, emerging educational technologies, and student engagement.         

25 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112