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ESSENTIALS OF CYBER: The Air Force Cyber College is offering a Cyber Essentials Masters level course to any US Military or DoD/USG civilian with preference to those assigned to Maxwell or Gunter AFB. 

This Masters level course "will educate students on and explore: Cyber as a domain, domestic and international organizations in the domain, operations in and through the domain, mission dependencies on cyber as well as threats and vulnerabilities, and the current state of strategy and policy as they apply to the domain." 

The class will meet at Building 803 on Maxwell AFB, Room Number 51.  Pre-course readings will be delivered prior to class start date. The class meetings (In-residence dates and times): 10 class periods, every Wednesday from 0830-1130, 20 March 2019 to 22 May 2019

A syllabus is available upon request.  There is NO Charge to enroll in this class and registration will close 19 March 2019

CYBER ECONOMICS:  The AF Cyber College is offering a Cyber Economics elective to Maxwell/Gunter Active Duty and civilian personnel. 

This elective is designed to examine the phenomena we see in the cyber environment today through the lens of human behavior to include users, defenders, and attackers.  Throughout the duration of the class you will develop your economic literacy for understanding the motivations of stakeholders and adversaries in cybersecurity.  You will be able to articulate the pervasiveness of market failures in cybersecurity and approaches to minimize their effects.  Ultimately, you will have an appreciation for the complexity of measuring cybersecurity, understanding popular approaches and their implications, and develop some intuition about how these metrics could evolve. 

Deliverables for the class include a 10 page paper describing the background, and predicted future history, of a hacker group selected by the student (subject to approval by instructor).  The second deliverable will be an approximately 20-minute presentation (15 minutes with up to 5 minutes for questions) on the student's research.

Classes generally meet every Wednesday for three hours starting 20 Mar 19.  The class duration is 10 weeks.  This is a great opportunity to increase your cyber economic literacy and awareness. 

Registration will close 18 MAR 19.

CYBER GEOGRAPHY COURSE (Location Location Location):  The AF Cyber College is offering a Cyber Geography elective to Maxwell/Gunter Active Duty and civilian personnel. 

The 2018 National Cyberspace Strategy called out by name nation-states that are deemed to be hostile to US national interests. From this as a “Point of Beginning”, this course examines various GEOCYBER themes and issues and focuses on the challenges presented by the Nation States named in the strategy. Aspects to be evaluated include the geographies of cyberspace, the geopolitics of cyberwar, techniques that might be employed in such a cyber-domain conflict and how they are related to censorship on the Internet, ideas on regulation and network architecture, the geopolitics of censorship and hacking, cyberwar and information operations capabilities of allies and competitors, and the politics of “grassroots” activism enabled by (Cyber) Internet Communication Technologies (ICT). 

Class Participation: Students are expected to complete readings, actively listen in class discussions and engage with other students and the lesson instructor.

Students will be evaluated on the relevance and content of the contributions they make to the seminar discussion not the number of contributions.

Class Meeting Dates and Topics: April 25 - Course Overview, April 26 - Case Study China,

April 29 - Case Study Russia, May 2 - Case Study DPRK, May 3 - Case Study Iran.

Classes generally meet every Wednesday for three hours starting 25 April 2019.

This is a great opportunity to increase your cyber geography literacy and awareness.

Registration will close 31 MAR 19


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