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Line Officer Training

Line Officer Training

Line officer training is conducted by Detachment 12 and the 24th Training Squadron at Officer Training School (OTS) Maxwell AFB, AL.  Line Officers consist of those career fields not directly commissioned into the USAF.  If you are a Chaplain, JAG, or Medical officer, select the "Direct-Commissioned Officer Training" link from the site menu; otherwise continue reading.



Fitness:  Early in the program, cadets will be required to pass an AF Fitness Assessment.  AFI 36-2905 contains specifics for the component minimums based on age and gender.  It also addresses proper exercise form and the format of the test.  Failure of the assessment may result in disenrollment.

Knowledge:  The documents linked link below are vital to a cadet's success at OTS.  A thorough reading should precede arrival.