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Dress & Appearance Standards for Inbound RCOO Officers

All RCOO officers MUST report to training in conservative civilian clothes. Uniforms are not authorized for wear the day of your arrival. Upon arrival and throughout training, all officers will be expected to adhere to the dress & appearance standards defined in AFI 36-2903.  



Male and female officers should arrive with haircuts adhering to AFI 36-2903 standards.  Refer to Chapter 3, Grooming and Appearance Standards in the link above.

Males should arrive clean shaven.  Facial hair is not authorized during training.



Eyeglasses / contacts worn at OTS must comply with the standards described in AFI 36-2903. Click on the link above and review paragraph 6.3.2 for eyeglass/contact lens wear. You are allowed to wear contact lenses during training, however, there are some field events that DO NOT allow the wear of contact lenses.  Please make sure you have a suitable pair of eyeglasses, with eyeglass straps, for these events. 

Transition lenses are not authorized in formation. Ensure you bring a pair of transition free glasses with you to training. 



Throughout the duration of your training you will be required to wear Blues, ABUs /OCPs or PT gear unless you are exercising off-campus privileges on the weekend. You may bring conservative civilian clothing items, however, use of these items is limited during training.