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Welcome to the 24th Training Squadron (24 TRS)!

Information for Inbound Staff
24TRS Commander

Welcome to the 24th Training Squadron (24 TRS)!
Lt Col Ben C. Bergren


Welcome to Officer Training School (OTS), this will be a very demanding but rewarding assignment. There are a few things to be aware of as you prepare to in process.  First, OTS falls under the Holm Center and AU.  As a result, our orderly room is located at the Holm Center in building 836 located at 551 East Maxwell Boulevard and NOT on the OTS complex.  In addition, we receive TMO and Finance support through the 42d ABW located in building 804. Coordinate with 
your sponsor to check-in at the OTS complex first and then you can proceed with in-processing.


New flight commanders can expect to receive three months of training once in-processing is complete in order to become a certified instructor.  This training is comprised of the Academic Instructor Course (AIC), Instructor Qualification Training (IQT), and Mission Qualification Training (MQT).  Additionally you may receive training as an Air Force combatives instructor.  

Please see the following links for further assistance:

  • The Maxwell AFB website is a great resource for familiarizing yourself with the base. 
  • The Right Start website is specifically designed for new arrivals.  You'll find a lot of information to make your move easier.


Welcome to the 24th Team!


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