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Colonel Peter G. BaileyColonel Peter G. Bailey
Commandant, OTS


Congratulations on your selection to attend the Officer Training School (OTS). You are about to embark on one of the most challenging and memorable training and education programs of your Air Force career. Our primary mission at OTS is to educate and train officers of character, who are committed to the Air Force Core Values - equipped to lead and ready to win. Our instructors are highly motivated, exceptionally talented and extremely dedicated to their obligation to ensure that every student who passes through this program develops the skills necessary to be an outstanding Air Force officer. When you graduate from OTS you will leave Maxwell Air Force Base equipped with the right tools and the knowledge necessary to be an effective and professional leader in our Air Force.

The OTS instructors are here to guide you through the program, but your successful completion of the course depends ultimately on your complete commitment to your training. OTS standards and expectations are very high and our training is intentionally rigorous because the Airmen who you will one day lead deserve no less than the finest officers our Air Force has to offer.

I know that you are up to the challenge of OTS. Dedicate yourself now to listen, to learn and ultimately, to lead! I look forward to returning your salute at the end of this rewarding experience as our newest Air Force officers.

Good luck and I look forward to serving with you.

PDF Icon Inbound Trainees, select this link to view the 'Welcome Guide'.
USAF Officer Training School oversees accessioning and training of thousands of officers annually. This is their mission.
MTIs initiate training for aspiring Air Force officers and are responsible for teaching basic military standards, enabling candidates to transform into airmen.

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501 LeMay Plaza N., Bldg. 1487
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

Air Force Officer Training School

Welcome Guide

Inbound trainees, select the above link to view the 'Welcome Guide'. The OTS Welcome Guide has information covering arrival, orders, packing lists, and more.

Officer Training
Course #MOTS-005 (8-week)

Class # Start Date Grad Date
20-01  15 Oct 2019 13 Dec 2019
20-02  22 Oct 2019 20 Dec 2019
20-03  14 Jan 2020 13 Mar 2020
20-04  11 Feb 2020 10 Apr 2020
20-05  31 Mar 2020 29 May 2020
20-06  09 Jun 2020 ∗ 07 Aug 2020 ∗
20-07  30 Jun 2020 ∗ 28 Aug 2020 ∗
20-08 ∗∗ 25 Aug 2020 ∗ 23 Oct 2020 ∗
∗ Designates a new class start or graduation date.
∗∗ OTS 20-08 (8-week) will graduate in FY21



Officer Training Abbreviated
Course #MOTS-002 (5-week)
Class # Start Date Grad Date
20-01 15 Oct 2019 15 Nov 2019
20-02 22 Oct 2019 22 Nov 2019
20-03 14 Jan 2020 14 Feb 2020
20-04 11 Feb 2020 13 Mar 2020
20-05 31 Mar 2020 01 May 2020
20-06 09 Jun 2020 ∗ 10 Jul 2020 ∗
20-07 30 Jun 2020 ∗ 31 Jul 2020 ∗
20-08 25 Aug 2020 ∗ 25 Sep 2020 ∗
Reserve Commissioned Officer Orientation Course #MOTS-003
Class # Start Date Grad Date
R20-01 18 Jan 2020 01 Feb 2020

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