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Medical Care Information for Inbound RCOO Officers

All officers will have access to routine and acute medical care on base. Procedures for emergency medical care during non-duty hours will be explained upon your arrival. While traveling to Officer Training School, if you experience an injury or illness that requires emergency care, report to the closest emergency room. If a military facility is nearby, use its emergency room. If you're not near a military base, a civilian emergency room may be utilized. Ensure you inform the medical staff that you are an active duty Air Force member, and they will bill the appropriate military hospital for your care. Do not report to a civilian hospital for routine or acute care while traveling, or you will be responsible for your own medical bills. An emergency is any situation that will result in loss of life, limb, or eyesight. 


In accordance with (IAW) AFI 36-2013, OFFICER TRAINING SCHOOL (OTS) AND ENLISTED COMMISSIONING PROGRAMS (ECPS), para. 3.19.3, do not plan to attend RCOO if you are pregnant. Contact your unit commander/supervisor, or training manager immediately if you become pregnant. The physical requirements placed on you during training are demanding, and being pregnant will prevent you from completing training. If pregnancy is discovered after arrival you may be removed from training.