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Physical Fitness Information for Inbound Reserve Commissioned Officer Orientation (RCOO)

The physical training program is designed to introduce officers to a healthy lifestyle and the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) criteria (push-ups, sit-ups and 1.5 mile run). Officers need to have a good physical fitness program to ensure they are physically capable to deploy if necessary to complete the Air Force's mission.

Within the first week of arrival, you will be given a Physical Fitness Diagnostic (PFD). Review  Air Force Instruction 36-2905 (Fitness Program) so you understand the requirements for your age and gender.  Attachment 10 lists the specific scores required for each component of the test, listed by age and gender.  Additional information can be found on the Air Force Fitness Program website.


While in training, you will be required to exercise in a rigorous, full-body aerobic and anaerobic program. Officers will perform one official Physical Fitness Diagnostic (PFD) during training. Officers who fail the PFD will receive a referral training report stating that they failed to meet Air Force physical fitness standards.  The referral training report will be in their permanent record.


Additionally, you will run through several obstacle courses, which may require climbing, low-crawling, jumping, etc.


We recommend you start a good physical fitness program concentrating on aerobic, anaerobic, and flexibility exercises before your arrival. Your program should include running, biking or other aerobic activities, and a strength-building regimen such as weight training.

You should bring comfortable, well broken-in, running shoes and a pair of court shoes for other physical activities. A pair of cross trainers (all purpose shoes) will meet the requirements for both court and running activities. If you wear foot appliances (shoe inserts) in any of your shoes--bring them!

Officers must be able to meet all physical fitness and RCOO entry requirements as stated in AFI 36-2013.  Officers who cannot participate in these activities WILL NOT attend RCOO without prior approval from the applicable Training Squadron Commander.