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  • Defending Air Bases in an Age of Insurgency, vol. 2

    The Air Force’s top defender notes the relevance of air base defense to the entire service community and it’s criticality to airpower itself.
  • SecAF, CSAF visit AU for 66th annual National Security Forum

    The NSF is designed to inform community influencers on Air University and the Air Force’s current and future objectives as well as plans for enhancing national security, and is hosted by Air War College on behalf of the Secretary of the Air Force.
  • A New Home for One of the Brave

    In the early 2000s, escalating tensions in Iraq caused severe damage to the region. Many Iraqi citizens fled the country’s borders, fearing for their lives under Saddam Hussein’s rule. It’s doubtful too many had hopes of one day becoming an American, and even fewer, an American Airman.
  • AFIT Hosts Largest Annual Gathering of Air Force Civil Engineers

    AFIT’s Civil Engineer School hosted a CE Summit on 11 – 22 March focused on leadership development and governance over the entire CE Enterprise. This year, the CE Summit included several high level meetings for CE commanders and MAJCOM staff, the CE Corporate Board meeting, and the CE Functional Advisory Council meeting.

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