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Officer Training School Inbound Staff

 OTS Inbound Staff

Colonel Jayson L. Allen Welcome to Officer Training School
Colonel Jayson L. Allen
Commandant, OTS


Leadership in today’s profession of arms is as dynamic and challenging as anytime in our history.  As we move on from more than 13 years of war into a more transient and destabilized global security environment, leadership across the services will be challenged with exciting some of the most complex and yet lightly resourced strategies that we have seen in this century or the last.  If our officer corps loses focus on our core qualifications, we will be unable to meet these challenges in the long term.  In this tumultuous environment, it is imperative that we understand that nation states rise and fall on the moral character of their people and leaders. Our military’s health and effectiveness is dependent upon the moral character of its leaders. 

In order to ensure that America remains a city on a hill and a beacon of hope to other nations and generations, our leaders must, first and foremost be leaders of moral character. “Metal on the ramp” and technological advances can never replace this intangible quality. Only when our Airmen are confident that their leader have moral character can we ensure the environment of respect, dignity and honor necessary to truly enjoy the benefits of diversity, innovation, and resiliency that have made us the world’s most respected and greatest Air Force. When moral character is paramount, our core values flourish and become second nature. OTS focuses on three fundamental objectives: producing Leaders of Moral Character, Officer Education and Training, and Developing and Supporting our People. This builds upon the Holm Center Strategic Plan of building tomorrow’s leaders.

 OTS Squadrons

The three squadrons below are integral in accomplishing the OTS mission:  Produce Leaders of Moral Character.


Always with Honor!

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