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Do I need to register to attend the Symposium?       Yes. You must register to attend the Symposium and to present.
Do I still need to register if I am a presenter and/or if my proposal topic was accepted?       Yes. You must register to present at the Symposium. We will contact you for presentation protocol and expectations.
How is this trip funded?       Unit-funded TDY
Is there a virtual option?       No, in person only.
What is the cost to attend?       There is a “landing fee” of $40, to cover hospitality items and an evening social. This must be paid in cash at check-in.
What is the final date to submit a proposal, and when will I be notified if mine is accepted?       Proposal deadline: 30 June 2023. You will receive notification by 30 July 2023
What is the policy on non-attribution and academic freedom for the Symposium?

      This is the Air University Non-Attribution Policy: All Symposium participants must adhere to academic freedom and non-attribution policies as described in Air University Instruction 36-2608, Academic Freedom. Presentations may include candid lectures and articles from senior U.S. Government leaders and the civilian sector. These presenters consent to distribute their presentations because they are assured their comments will be shared only among participants and faculty. Participants must respect and protect the confidentiality of all speakers’ presentations. Participants are not allowed to attribute any materials from the Symposium to persons other than the speaker / author without permission from that individual. Similarly, participants shall respect the contributions of other participants who participate in Symposium sessions.
Below are some explanatory notes on AU’s academic freedom policy:

  1. Academic freedom allows students, guest speakers, contributing authors, and participants in established classes (and symposia) to state opinions openly and to support or challenge ideas without concern their remarks will be attributed to them.
  2. Non-attribution facilitates the free expression of opinions and ideas and allows for professional disagreements within the context of an academically stimulating environment. Essentially, non-attribution means not associating specific comments, ideas, opinions, or conversations with specific individuals.
  3. Although individuals may debate relevant issues, academic freedom must be tempered by good judgment to refrain from making offensive remarks, unfounded opinions, or irresponsible statements either verbally or in writing. Offensive remarks or irresponsible statements include comments disparaging any person’s race, color, national origin, ethnic group, religion, or sex. Offensive remarks or irresponsible statements – whether oral or written – will not be tolerated. Individuals who violate the academic freedom policy are subject to adverse administrative and/or disciplinary actions as described in AUI 36-2608, Academic Freedom.
What is the schedule for the Symposium?      It will be available November 1, 202
When will presentations be due?       TBA
Where can I find more information about the Symposium and the AFCLC and its activities?       Much more information can be found here:
Where can I find presenter information?       AFCLC AU LREC Symposium - Presentation Info.
Where can I find reporting information?       TBA
Who can attend the event?       Open to all interested in Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture.

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