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Synchronized with eMentor, Language Intensive Training Events (LITEs) immerse LEAP scholars in culturally complex settings. These TDYs average 30 days and place the Airman in a traditional school, university studies program, or advanced setting such as an international training event or workshop. LITEs place participants in linguistically, regionally, and culturally complex settings. Participation is necessary for the development of language proficiency and cross-cultural competence. 


Traditional LITEs capitalize on existing commercial language programs conducted in the region of the target language. Participants study with a language school for four to six hours per day, Monday through Friday. Where feasible, participants are placed with a homestay family for optimal learning. Power Immersions are two to three-week, one-on-one courses designed for participants who may require intensive study over a shorter period of time. Airmen receive one-on-one lessons, living in the home of their instructor and are immersed in daily life of the instructor’s family.



ISO-Immersions are two-week, intense intermediate-level CONUS programs where scholars share a residence and interact around-the-clock with their instructors.


Power Immersions are three-week, intense intermediate-level OCONUS programs where scholars live with their instructor and experience round-the-clock immersion.


Area Studies Immersions (ASIs) are three-week university-based courses, designed for participants who have demonstrated robust language proficiencies. University professors and guest speakers elevate participants’ understanding of regional issues and foster professional-level proficiency in the target language. Participants live in a homestay or communal apartment, and share in excursions, cooking classes, and other cultural activities. 



Advanced LITEs enhance and sustain LEAP participants’ language skills in an application setting, with or without a classroom component. During an Advanced LITE, participants study alongside partner militaries or facilitate inter-cultural communication for a mobile training team or inter-cultural conference. Advanced LITEs last between one and six weeks, depending on the activity.


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