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LEAP application windows, selection board dates, and eligibility criteria, are advertised annually through the Air Force Portal, the AFCLC public website, and the AFCLC Facebook page. 

The AFCLC accepts eligible Active Duty members, United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) cadets, and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) cadets. Application packages include current Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) and/or Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) scores, transcripts, performance reports, training reports, SIngle Unit Retrieval Formats (SURFs), language training certificates, commander’s endorsement, and/or other documents as specified in the application announcement.

To apply for LEAP, Airmen must possess some proficiency in a foreign language specified on the Air Force Strategic Language List (SLL), as measured by DLPTs or OPIs. The SLL is managed by the Air Force's Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Program Office (AF/A1D-LREC) at the Pentagon. Interested Airmen should contact their local Test Control Officer (TCO) to check if their language is on the Air Force SLL. TCOs are usually located with the local Education Office.

Selection to LEAP is based on applicants’ existing language abilities, potential to achieve higher levels of language proficiency, and Air Force requirements. The LEAP Selection Board reviews applicant packages to determine which applicants are most willing and able to undertake LEAP education and training with the potential to fill Air Force language positions and taskings. The AFCLC Director makes selection recommendations to the Air Force Senior Language Authority (SLA) based on LEAP Selection Board results and Air Force LREC office guidance. Upon entry into the program, LEAP scholars are assigned a language based on their documented proficiencies and Air Force needs. This language is deemed their “selected” language, or Control Language (CLANG).

Eligible candidates may submit applications to the AFCLC within the respective timelines. Applications submitted after the established deadlines will not be considered. Candidates and their commanders will be notified of the results via email approximately 60 days after the selection board convenes. Airmen must submit applications through the LEAP site, LEADeR, accessible through the Air Force Portal.  You must be on an Air Force computer and have an Air University (AU) Portal account to begin your online LEAP application.

A. USAF officer candidate seniors commissioning in the current academic year (AFROTC/USAFA).


B. RegAF Active Duty (AD) Commissioned Officers (excluding 16F-Foreign Area Officers).


C. RegAF AD Enlisted Airmen (excluding 1N3, 1A8X1 career fields) with at least 48 months of time in service (TIS) as of 28 August 2019, rank of Senior Airman (SrA) through Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt), completion of all 5-Skill Level and Career Field and Education Training Plan (CFETP) requirements.


D. All applicants must not plan to separate within two years.



A. Applicants must possess a current Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) or Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) score as of board.  Scores of 3/3 or higher are valid for two years and 2+/2+ or lower are valid for one year from certification date. There are no minimum scores required to apply. See AFI 36-4005 for additional information regarding DLPT and OPI currency requirements.

B. Applicants must have a superior performance record. (No derogatory information, referral performance reports, UIF, control rosters, etc.)

C. Applicants that are officer candidates or commissioned officers are required to submit all collegiate academic transcripts and should demonstrate scholastic achievement.  Enlisted applicants are encouraged to submit transcripts but not required.

D. Applicants with over 16 years total active federal military service will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

RegAF Active Duty and USAFA applicants must submit applications through the LEAP site, LEADeR, accessible through the Air Force Portal.  You must be on an Air Force computer and have an Air University (AU) Portal account to begin your online LEAP application. Applicants that need to create or update their AU Portal account will be redirected to the AU Portal upon initial attempt to access the application site.

B. AFROTC applicants should contact their Detachment Commander for an application and to request an endorsement.  AFROTC applicants must send completed application packages in readable PDF format through an encrypted email via their Detachment Commanders to AFCLC.Language@us.af.mil


A. Applicants who meet all of the above eligibility requirements may submit an application to the AFCLC.

Completeness of the application package is part of the evaluation.  All application forms should be portable document format (PDF), legible and correctly aligned. 

Application Documents:  

i. Single Unit Retrieval Format (SURF) (RegAF AD only)

ii. Three most recent, finalized Performance Reports (OPR/EPR), Training Reports, or combination (RegAF AD only)

iii. All College Transcripts-Unofficial post-secondary copies are acceptable (optional for enlisted)

iv. DLPT or OPI score report-AD applicants must ensure scores are in MilPDS official records or must upload a copy of their score report. Cadets must include current scores. (all applicants)

v. Certificates from foreign language schools are optional 

B. Endorsement from applicant’s Commander/Director is mandatory and should be submitted directly through the online application site. AFROTC Detachment Commanders without access to LEADeR should contact the AFCLC for alternate means of submitting the endorsement at AFCLC.Language@us.af.mil

551 E. Maxwell Blvd, Bldg 500, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112



Important Dates

FY19 Application and Selection Board Schedule

Cadet Board

  • 1 January - 15 March 2019: Application Window

  • 17 - 18 April 2019: Selection Board

Enlisted Board

  • 1 May - 15 July 2019: Application Window

  • 27 August 2019: Selection Board

Officer Board

  • 1 May - 15 July 2019: Application Window

  • 28 August 2019: Selection Board