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  • Language-Enabled Airmen Support Senior Enlisted Leader International Summit: The “Super Bowl of AFCLC LEAP LITES”

    During a strategic gathering of senior enlisted leaders from more than 60 partner nations, a team of 14 Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars from the Air Force Culture and Language Center were on the ground ensuring communication and collaboration happened effectively.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Mark Poppler

    “The skills I’ve learned through LEAP of integrating into various other cultures is the biggest thing I use in my everyday mission. It allows me to better understand the motivations, views, and customs of people I interact with to effectively communicate and work with people in general," French LEAP Scholar Maj. Mark Poppler said.
  • AFCLC Partners with Alabama-Korea Education and Economic Partnership for Immersion Camp

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center recently partnered with the Alabama-Korea Education and Economic Partnership for its summer Korean immersion camp hosted at Pike Road Intermediate School from July 3-22, 2022.
  • LEAP Scholars Strengthen Language Skills with New eMersion Training Course

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center launched a new initiative to maximize language development and training opportunities for members of the Language Enabled Airman Program. This new course, known as an eMersion, combines online eMentor sessions with Language Intensive Training Event immersions.
  • AFCLC Launches Introduction to Afghanistan Course with Certificate on Culture Guide App

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center recently added an Introduction to Afghanistan course to its free Culture Guide mobile app.
  • LEAP to FAO Spotlight: Maj. Logan Barlow

    “Being a FAO, I utilize my LREC skillset along with operational relevance to engage with our bilateral partners regularly; but you don’t have to be a FAO to do that. Being good at your tactical skill set, and having LREC skills, empowers Airmen to be more lethal as a force. To remain tactically relevant and lethal, we must understand the operational environment we operate in; this includes language and cultures of both our allies AND our adversaries. Soft power skillsets will be vital to our lethality and ability to winning future wars," LEAP Scholar and FAO Maj. Logan Barlow said.
  • Congratulations to LEAP Scholars Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Four Line of the Air Force Developmental Categories

    87 LEAP Scholars were recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in four of six Line of the Air Force specialized developmental categories: Air Operations and Special Warfare, Information Warfare, Nuclear and Missile Operations, and Cross Functional Operations. Congratulations on achieving this milestone in your careers!
  • AFCLC Consultant Spotlight: Dr. Dan Uribe

    After a 34-year career serving in the United States Air Force, Brig. Gen. (ret.) Dan Uribe recently retired and brought his knowledge, experience, and expertise to the Air Force Culture and Language Center as a consultant focused on the SOUTHCOM area of responsibility.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Holly Tolley

    “LEAP has provided me with unique learning opportunities while helping me keep my Chinese skills up. This has really helped in my Air Force career overall by broadening my mindset to consider opportunities and perspectives that are multicultural and multidimensional. This allows me to be able to approach problems that are difficult and consider them from multiple perspectives," Chinese LEAP Scholar Capt. Holly Tolley said.
  • Task Force Liberty Cultural Team Uses AFCLC Culture Guide app for Mission Training

    The Cultural Advisement and Assessment Team at Task Force Liberty, led by United States Space Force Guardians Lt. Col. Adam Howland and Capt. Ronald Miller, implemented a culture training regimen for the task force using the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Culture Guide app. This task force oversaw the immediate care and wellbeing of displaced individuals from Afghanistan during Operation Allies Welcome.
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    The Department will have the required combination of language skills, regional expertise and cultural capabilities to meet current and projected needs.

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