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  • AFCLC Culture Guide App 3.0 gives users an improved experience

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center has improved its signature Culture Guide App to optimize individual performance by transforming each user’s education experience. The new version of the app introduces more functionality and a better user experience.
  • 104 Cadets Selected for AFCLC’s Language Enabled Airman Program

    After a virtual selection board process in April, the Air Force Culture and Language Center selected 104 Cadets for the Language Enabled Airman Program. Of the 104 Cadets selected, 67 were chosen from the United States Air Force Academy and 37 from Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps in 14 languages. Six of the selects will commission into the United States Space Force while 98 will commission into the United States Air Force.
  • Building tomorrow’s Air Force: multi-capable, language-enabled Airman

    HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. – At the age of 16, a girl migrated from the Philippines to the United States in order to pursue a better life.
  • LEAP Scholars enhance senior leader’s security studies course in Far East

    As senior Air Force leaders gained first-hand knowledge of the Korean and Vietnam wars, Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) Scholars helped them navigate the challenges of studying in a foreign country. LEAP Scholars recently assisted with a Regional Security Studies (RSS) course that covered the Korean and Vietnam wars from inside both of those countries, and provided instruction at the actual battlefields where fighting took place.
  • Diversity is an Asset: Airman helps U.S. and Philippines relations ‘LEAP’ forward during Cope Thunder

    The U.S.–Philippine Alliance, complemented by our various relationships and partnerships in the region, reinforces a regional structure that has been instrumental in maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific for decades.
  • LEAP Spotlight – TSgt Alexander Kozyerinsky

    Growing up in Ukraine, I always wanted to join the U.S. military. Influenced by many Western action films, I dreamed of becoming a Marine one day who would inevitably save the world. In 2002, my family was allowed to immigrate to the United States, bringing me closer to realizing my dream.
  • AFCLC releases new “Introduction to India” course for App and myLearning

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center recently released its “Introduction to India” course on its free Culture Guide mobile app – one of 11 Department of the Air Force-certified courses available via the app and the myLearning platform.
  • Three amigos follow through on training transformation during intensive instruction in Chile

    Three Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) Scholars recently strengthened their language and culture skills and forged new friendships as they participated in a month-long intensive course of Spanish instruction at the Escuela Bellavista school in Santiago, Chile. The course, which demonstrates the Air Force Culture and Language Center following through on training transformation, enabled them to learn and apply their Spanish skills more effectively as Non-Commission Officers in the U.S. Air Force.
  • LEAP Scholar looks back on career filled with Language and Learning

    In his career in both the Air Force and the Space Force, Lt. Col. Samuel Shearer has traveled to many places and met many people, but one thing has remained a constant: his love of learning language. The Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) has been a way for him to pursue that passion as part of his military career.
  • LITE U Prepares LEAP Scholars for Global Challenges

    The Department of the Air Force’s priority to modernize the learning environment involves developing innovative educational methods to increase Airmen’s knowledge, capabilities, and skills.
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