What is OI&RSD?

A program where you will:

  • > Recruit, train, or instruct future & current officers in a stable, supportive environment
  • > Temporarily step outside of your career field to broaden your impact on the Air and Space Forces
  • > Create unique experiences with a broad mix of fellow faculty and students

Note: Depending on the position and job requirements, eligible Airmen and Guardians in the grade of First Lieutenant through Lieutenant Colonel are able to apply.


Application Process

The Space Force holds a similar, but separate, process for eligible Guardians.  Look out for your automated message during your eligibility window to prepare for the  application timeline.

  • ☐ First, discuss your desires with your Senior Rater (SR)
  • ☐ During the annual window, you and your SR will receive an eligibility message
  • ☐ If eligible, you can apply through myVector - applicants must also be SR-nominated to be considered
  • ☐ A board will evaluate your suitability and a list of candidtates will be announced
  • ☐ Candidates may apply for positions in Talent Marketpace within myVector
  • ☐ If chosen for an assignment, your name will appear on the selection list released in the Fall!


USAF OI&RSD Board Timeline for Academic Year 2023.   
Senior Rater Accountability Date 4 APR 22
Officer Application Window 11 APR – 14 MAY 22
Senior Rater Nomination Window 11 APR - 21 MAY 22
OI&RSD Board 13 -17 JUN 22
Organizations Submit Requisitions MAY - JUN 22
Candidates Volunteer For Positions In Talent Marketplace JUL 22
Billet Owner Bidding Window JUL - AUG 22
AFPC Review and Finalize Assignment Matches AUG – SEP 22
AFPC Process OI&RSD Assignments NOV 22 – JAN 23
Assignment Loaded in MILPDS No Later Than 31 JAN 23
Report No Later Than Date (RNLTD) Months JUN 23 - MAY 24


Contact Us

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To provide feedback or request additional information, email:  au.a1.oirsd@us.af.mil

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