What is OI&RSD?

A program where you will:

  • Recruit, train, or instruct future & current officers in a stable, supportive environment
  • Temporarily step outside of your career field to broaden your impact on the Air and Space Forces
  • Create unique experiences with a broad mix of fellow faculty and students

Depending on the position and job requirements, eligible Airmen and Guardians in the grade of First Lieutenant through Lieutenant Colonel are able to apply.

Q&A Session - May 02,2023


Application Process

  • ☐ First, discuss your desires with your Senior Rater (SR)
  • ☐ During the annual window, you and your SR will receive an eligibility message
  • ☐ If eligible, you can apply through myVector - applicants must also be SR-nominated to be considered
  • ☐ A board will evaluate your suitability and a list of candidtates will be announced
  • ☐ Candidates may apply for positions in Talent Marketpace within myVector
  • ☐ If chosen for an assignment, your name will appear on the selection list released in the Fall!

Promotion Board Guidance

Serving in specific Special Duty roles, like that of Instructor, is valued by senior DAF leadership. Prior to each promotion board, board members are issued guidance on what they should consider while evaluating member records. The Secretary of the Air Force instructs board members to “consider OI&RSD essential to warfighting success,” advises them that members who have served in that role have been “competitively selected,” and that serving in such roles “increases skill sets and future leadership potential."

CY25 Nomination Process PSDM

This article explains the board process for Instructor; Recruiting Duty; Academic Program Manager; and Education and Training Leader assignments, to include Air Force Reserve Officer Training Command Detachment Commander (AFROTC Det/CC) selection.

USAF Timelines

USAF OI&RSD Nomination Board Timeline for CY25   
Senior Rater Accountability Date 1 MAY 24
Officer's MyVector Application Window 29 APRIL – 9 MAY 24
Senior Rater Nomination Window 29 APRIL - 11 MAY 24
OI&RSD Candidate Board 20 -24 MAY 24
Candidate List Released JUNE 24
Candidates Volunteer for positions in Talent Marketplace (AFROTC/DET/CC assignments are matched outside of Talent Marketplace) 17 JUNE – 5 JULY 24
Billet owners bid on candidates 8 – 26 JULY 24
Assignment matching Reviewed/Finalized AUG - SEPT 24
Final Selection PSDM Released OCT 24
Report No Later Than Date (RNLTD) Months JUNE 25 - MAY 26

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