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Subject Matter Expert (SME) Talk
Training & Research
Auburn Biggio Center
Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

Air University Teaching and Learning Center

Who We Are

The Air University (AU) Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is the focal point for activities related to the enhancement of teaching and learning at AU. Our mission includes resources, expertise, guidance and facilities to increase the ability of faculty to teach and students to learn. The TLC advances the AF Continuum of Learning and promotes an environment that encourages active learning across all of AU. The scope of the TLC includes all AU faculty and students in any resident, distance-learning or blended-learning courses or programs along with any airmen who may take advantage of our online resources to enhance their lifelong learning. The TLC is located on the 2nd floor of the Fairchild Research & Information Center at Air University, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL.

What We Do


TLC Faculty Support
  • Lessons and presentations promoting faculty expertise and teaching skills
  • Indexed archive of online materials (articles, videos, examples, templates, and other) enhancing faculty development
  • Research, assess and provide books, articles, media and services targeted at faculty and curriculum development
  • Identify and conduct events as described below with specific focus on faculty development
  • Upon request provide informal assessments of AU faculty teaching effectiveness

TLC Student Learning
  • Identify, create and publish lessons, articles, applications and presentations to enhance students’ study and learning skills
  • Provide lessons or methods to improve reading, memorizing, test taking, writing, researching and communicating
  • Offer general tutoring and scaffolding to enhance students’ learning skills

TLC Writing Commons
  • Operate a Writing Commons that provides academic writing support for all of AU
  • Maintain a Writing Lab with lessons and tutoring for resident students
  • Publish an Online Writing Lab with resources and services for non-resident students
  • Deliver presentations and workshops designed to enhance student writing skills and faculty expertise with regard to writing

TLC Learning Technology Training
  • Provide training classes, events and resources for learning technology products appropriate to AU
  • Conduct multimedia (video, audio, & graphics) training for using technology in AU curriculum and classrooms
  • Maintain digital products and multimedia equipment to support learning technology training and research
  • Publish online learning technology training resources enhance faculty skills and curriculum development methods 

TLC Learning Technology Research
  • Identify, promote and aid implementation of new educational technologies appropriate for AU
  • Provide opportunities for AU faculty to use and experience new learning technology products and techniques
  • Collaborate with organizations and universities outside AU to discover best practices and policies for enabling learning technology

TLC Events
  • Promote, support and host collaborative events to enhance learning, partnering and outreach
  • Events include workshops, presentations, forums and symposia for all AU faculty, students and partners
  • Events held at TLC or other venues with some external to the AU campus
  • TLC SME Talks – Presentations on topics of interest to AU faculty and staff – Every Thursday at noon in the TLC
  • TLC Crosstalk – Monthly gatherings to discuss AU teaching and learning – Generally the 2nd Tuesday of each month at TLC

TLC Facilities
  • Classroom – seating for 20-25 students, updated AV
  • Small Auditorium – presentation space, seating for 60, updated audio visual
  • Idea Lab – Reconfigurable classroom for projects and collaboration (Surface Hub)
  • Media Lab – Equipped to support training and research of learning technology applicable to AU
  • CafĂ© – Social meeting space with tables and kitchen facilities
  • Study spaces for individuals, small groups and tutoring

TLC Logo
600 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112


Every Thursday in the TLC Auditorium
- March 7, 2pm - 3pm
    Topic "Coaching as an Educational Strategy"
- March 14, 2pm - 3pm
    Topic "Overview of the Case Study Teaching Method"
- March 28, 2pm - 3pm
    Topic "Making AFPIMS Work for You"
Learn Tech Tours
Technologies Essential to Education
- March 12, Tuesday at 3pm,
    Topic "Office 365 Essentials," AU Library Auditorium
- March 19, Tuesday at 3pm
    Topic "Office 365 Essentials," AU Library Auditorium
Canvas Users Group
Every other Monday in the TLC Auditorium
- March 11, 3pm - 4pm
    Topic "How to Create an Assignment"
- March 25, 3pm - 4pm
    Topic "Quizzes and Quiz Banks in Canvas"
Canvas Workshops
TLC Classroom 230 (Bring your Laptop)
- March 12, 3pm
    Topic "Getting Started in Canvas"
- March 19, 3pm
    Topic "Creating a New Course & Adding Files"
- March 26, 3pm
    Topic "Modules and Pages"
VR/AR Community of Interest Meeting
TLC Auditorium
- March 19, 3pm - 4pm
    Topic "Mapping Virtual Spaces for Education"