When to Wargame?

When solutions to a problem do not yet exist, and the data needed for that solution must be generated by human beings with specific backgrounds within specific conditions that manifest the problem to be explored.

Wargames are invaluable to investigate processes, explore issues, identify questions, evaluate doctrine, and to gain insights into complex problems and/or issues.

When NOT to Wargame?

When a problem to be solved, is complicated but not complex, thus it has a definitive solution based upon existing quantitative and/or scientific data, that once discovered, will ultimately solve the problem.

Or, if the solution data doesn't yet exist, but is not based upon insights generation from human interaction and discussion about the problem and a specific operational context that exacerbates the problem.

Air Force Wargaming Institute
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Wargaming 101

Annual Requirements

One of the CSAF's two Title X wargames, “Futures” is a long-range strategic planning activity that compares alternative futures and force structures. Insights gleaned from “Futures” and the other Title X wargame, “Unified Engagement,” impact USAF strategic planning, concept development and force structure investment streams.
The capstone wargaming event of the Air War College academic year allows class members to synthesize the principles, concepts, and processes taught in the AWC curriculum to develop the guidance shaping planning and operations at both the strategic and operational levels.
JLASS-SP is a computer-assisted, theater-level seminar wargame. It is the only joint-sponsored wargame conducted by the PME senior level colleges. The overall goal of the wargame is to enhance joint PME through an examination of potential US military responses to regional crises. The primary focus is on joint and combined warfare conducted at the operational and strategic levels.

The current JLASS-SP wargames are played at the unclassified level and include United States and international students attending the U.S. senior level colleges, as well as student groups from the Swedish Defense University, Chilean Army War College, and Nigerian Army War College through bilateral agreements.
The LeMay Center hosts or supports three capstone events for the Air Force Judge Advocate General School (AFJAGS): JAGWAR, JAGGED SWORD, and JAGZILLA. JAGWAR is a LeMay Center hosted, two-day event supporting the Judge Advocate Advanced Law and Leadership Course: GATEWAY. Air Force Officers in the grade of Major participate in this wargame. JAGGED SWORD is an AFJAGS hosted, one-day event that supports the Judge Advocate Staff Officer's Course. The target audience is US and International Officers newly assigned to the Judge Advocate General Corps career field. JAGZILLA is a one-day event supported by the LeMay Center and hosted by AFJAGS.

This wargame construct integrates students from the Staff Judge Advocate Course and Law Office Manager’s Course into individual wing-level legal teams. Air Force Officers identified for Wing Staff Judge Advocate positions and senior NCOs in the paralegal career field are the primary participants. All three wargames place students in a time-sensitive, fast-paced environment that test the individual student's ability to communicate, manage, and lead while tackling front-burner legal issues. The scenarios range from CONUS-based peacetime operations to day-to-day operations in a deployed, hostile environment.
  PACAF-sponsored Wargame; investigates ACE concepts for “Enhanced forward surgical and En Route Care” in A2/AD environment for USAF Surgeon General, AMC and ACC
  The Power series, named after General Thomas Power, the commander of Strategic Air Command during the Cuban Missile Crisis, is a strategic-focused game series designed to address difficult problem sets and strategic questions facing the United States in uncertain times. The next iteration, Power Spring, will address a EUCOM-focused scenario looking at restoring and maintaining deterrence in the face of potential escalation.
The Schriever Wargame (SW) is the United States Space Force’s (USSF) Title-10 operational Wargame series. The SW23 Capstone Wargame will explore space and cyberspace issues and challenges, primarily at the operational level, in a multinational, SAP-informed environment. Concurrently, USSF will lead a Coalition Council of senior multinational civil and military leaders to discuss space-related policy and operational topics in a risk-free, non-attributional wargame environment.

Past and Future Wargames

AFWI Wargames Sponsor Timeframe Location
Assassin's Mace AWC November 2022 Maxwell AFB, AL
Power STRATCOM November 2022 Maxwell AFB, AL
Space Debris ACSC November 2022 Maxwell AFB, AL
FSP HQDA G3/5/7 December 2022 TBD
AFWI Wargames Sponsor Timeframe Location
Global Mobility Wargame AFMC February 2023 Maxwell AFB, AL
Schriever Wargame Space Command March 2023 Maxwell AFB, AL
Long Duration Logistics Wargame AFMC April 2023 Maxwell AFB, AL
JLASS Army War College April 2023 Carlisle Barracks, PA
Capstone ACSC May 2023 Maxwell AFB, AL
ACE TTX USAFE TBD Ramstein AB, Germany
Medical Series Medical School TBD Maxwell AFB, AL
Futures 22 HAF A5/8 TBD TBD

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