When to Wargame?

When solutions to a problem do not yet exist, and the data needed for that solution must be generated by human beings with specific backgrounds within specific conditions that manifest the problem to be explored.

Wargames are invaluable to investigate processes, explore issues, identify questions, evaluate doctrine, and to gain insights into complex problems and/or issues.

When NOT to Wargame?

When a problem to be solved, is complicated but not complex, thus it has a definitive solution based upon existing quantitative and/or scientific data, that once discovered, will ultimately solve the problem.

Or, if the solution data doesn't yet exist, but is not based upon insights generation from human interaction and discussion about the problem and a specific operational context that exacerbates the problem.

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Past and Future Wargames

AFWI Wargames Sponsor Timeframe Location
Agile Combat Employment (ACE) USAFE September 2022 WEPTAC
Medical Series AFMRA 23-26 January 2023 AFWI
Space Debris ACSC 1-2 March 2023  
Schriever Capstone USSF CSO 20-31 March 2023  
Project Olympus SOS March 2023  
JLASS-SP AWC 19-28 April 2023  
Assassin's Mace AWC 3-5 May 2023  
Future Studies Program (FSP) Army Futures 12-26 May 2023  
Saboteur's Mallet ACSC 16 June 2023  
Assured Comms Game AFWI June 2023 AFWI
Power STRATCOM June 2023  
Kingfish ACE NCOA August 2023 Gunter Annex, AL


AFWI Wargames Sponsor Timeframe Location
Kingfish ACE IOS September 2023 Maxwell AFB, AL
Science & Technology AFMC September 2023 AFWI
Plan Blue 2 - - -
Assured Comms Game - - -
AFRICOM Judicious Response - February 2024 -
Power STRATCOM March 2024 AFWI
JLASS AWC April 2024 Carlisle Barracks, PA
IAOD Seminar IOS April 2024 -
Global Engagement HAF/A5 May 2024 -
Schriever Capstone USSF CSO March 2025 AFWI
Futures 25 HAF/A5 May 2025 -
Medical Series AFMRA - -
AWC/ACSC Capstones AU - -
AFWI Game (Phil Bolger) AFWI - -
JAG Games SJA School - -


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