AFCCC Mission/Vision:

Mission: Training & Educating the right student, in the right seat, at the right time in their career progression to inspire the readiness of Airmen and their families.

Vision: Equipping the Air Force Chaplain Corps through training and education to care for Airmen more than anyone thinks possible. 

Goals: Achieve vocational excellence, professional integrity and service to others by

• Providing relevant knowledge, skills and resources for students to better perform their duties;
• Attracting, mentoring and recognizing quality people;
• Ensuring that faculty and course directors properly apply instructional system development principles;
• Securing resources to support mission requirements;
• Improving information flow and ensuring effective communication; and
• Monitoring the quality of support services and seeking necessary improvements.

Initiatives Summary
Instruction of enlisted students in crisis intervention skills, trauma pastoral care and pluralism and faith group support requirements will further their professional abilities to support chaplains in peacetime and contingency operations. State-of-the-art integrated technology mediums have enhanced world-wide Chaplain Corps training efforts in readiness, mentoring and global ministry efforts. Officer and enlisted evaluation systems have been added to all levels of instruction, ensuring that chaplain and senior enlisted support personnel will use evaluation and supervisory skills appropriately.

To contact the AFCCC please call. 953-6866

AFCCC Commandant:  Ch, Col Michael S. Newton is Commandant, Air Force Chaplain Corps College, Maxwell Air Force Base Alabama. On behalf of the Air Force Chief of Chaplain’s Office, the College trains and educates the nearly 2,000 chaplains and religious affairs Airmen from the active duty and Air Reserve components to provide worship, liturgies, religious rites and spiritual care to all Air and Space professionals and their families while also serving as the primary adviser to commanders and senior enlisted leaders on moral, spiritual, ethical, and religious matters.