Chief Master Sgt. Michael Wester, Air University's Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course director, speaks about the importance of senior enlisted leader development and their critical role to the Air Force leadership team.

Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course

Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course

Modules and LessonsProgram Description.  The Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course (CLC), located on Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL, is a resident program that consists of 160 academic hours.  The CLC is the capstone and pinnacle level of enlisted professional military education (EPME).  The CLC provides Chief Master Sergeants the education to bridge strategic vision into tactical execution.  Throughout the program, the CLC emphasizes critical thinking and an enterprise-level view in order to educate, inspire, and develop Chief Master Sergeants into strategic-level leaders who effectively lead, manage, and mentor lethal and ready organizations.  The chiefs will continue to build on foundational strategic-level leadership competencies that are instrumental to fly, flight and win across the full spectrum of conflict and all domains of military power.   

Learning Outcomes.  The CLC prepares Chief Master Sergeants to:

  • Critically analyze competencies and develop strategies to lead the enlisted force through uncertain environments;
  • Develop awareness of self and others that fosters continuous learning and strengthens the profession of arms;
  • Cultivate strategic and professional relationships and inspire collaboration to effectively accomplish the mission;
  • Create and deliver strategic communication to inform and encourage superiors, subordinates, and the public.

 Faculty.  The teaching staff of the CLC is composed of highly experienced active duty Chief Master Sergeants, along with former senior enlisted members (primarily retired Chief Master Sergeants) who hold a minimum Masters level academic and/or instructional credentials.  Instructor selection is determined by professional experience, academic background, and faculty qualification.

Duration.  Completion of the course is delivered in 20 academic days.  The CLC conducts seven classes per year with 96 to 108 students in each class.

Eligibility.  The USAF Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course selection and scheduling for the CLC is done by AF/DPE and AFPC/DPSIT, and is driven by the CMSgt promotion release.  Selection and scheduling is done in accordance with AFI 36-2301 and the Chief Leadership Course ETCA based on grade and availability.  Air Reserve Component Members will be scheduled by NGB/HR and AFRC/A1KO respectively, per the abovementioned Instruction.

Reference the ETCA website (.mil only) for additional information.


Leadership Team

Mr. Kyle Robinette
Mr. Kyle Robinette
Director of Education

Mr. Toxie Robbins
Mr. Toxie Robbins
Director of Operations

Mrs. Bobbie Meyer-Piper
Mrs. Bobbie Meyer-Piper
Director of Curriculum

Course Schedule

Class Start Graduate
20A 21 Oct 19 15 Nov 19
20B 6 Jan 20 31 Jan 20
20C 24 Feb 20 20 Mar 20
20D 6 Apr 20 1 May 20
20E 1 Jun 20 26 Jun 20
20F 20 Jul 20 14 Aug 20
20G 31 Aug 20 25 Sep 20

AU Student Support & Research Guides

Air University Student Support & Research Guides

CMSAF Professional Reading Picks

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Reading List

Required Reading

Doctrine Annex 1-1
LDP402A Doctrine Annex 1-1 Force Development

 Air Force Future Operating Concept
Air Force Future
 Operating Concept

America's Air Force, A Profession of Arms
America's Air Force
A Profession of Arms

Call to the Future
Call to the Future

Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education, Vol 3, Command Doctrine
 Command Doctrine

Global Vigilance, Reach, and Power for America
Global Vigilance, Reach,
and Power for America

Joint Operating Environment 2035 The Joint Force in a Contested and Disordered World
Joint Operating Environment 2035
 The Joint Force in a
 Contested and Disordered World

The World's Greatest Air Force_A Vision for the USAF
The World's Greatest Air Force
A Vision for the USAF

USAF Communication Waypoint (Winter 2016)
USAF Communication Waypoint
 (Winter 2016)

USAF Strategic Master Plan
USAF Strategic Master Plan

USAF Strategic Master Plan-Human Capital Annex
USAF Strategic Master Plan
Human Capital Annex

USAF Strategic Master Plan-Strategic Posture Annex
USAF Strategic Master Plan
Strategic Posture Annex