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Air University Academic Affairs, 55 LeMay Plaza South, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6335Dr. Mark J. Conversino is Air University’s Chief Academic Officer.  In this role, he serves as the executive-level advisor to the Air University (AU) Commander and President for all issues pertaining to academic programs across the University.  This includes curriculum development, integration, and assessment, institutional research, and regional and specialized accreditation compliance, coordinating with HAF and MAJCOM staffs, and working with AU Center Commanders and School Commandants to ensure the quality and viability of their education programs.  He advises the AU Commander, as well as school and center commanders and deans, on all matters relating to faculty, including recruiting, retention, and development.  Dr. Conversino joined the faculty of the Air War College (AWC) as a civilian following his retirement from the Air Force and subsequently joined the faculty of the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS) in 2015.  He continues to teach in programs and courses across the University.  Dr. Conversino specializes in military and airpower history and theory, Russian history and contemporary Russian foreign policy and politics.  He has lectured across the United States and abroad on those topics as well as broader defense and security issues.

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