Aie Force Negotiation Center

2-Day Negotiation Seminar

Two (2) Day Negotiation Seminar

Instructors: Director McLeod, Dr. Gajewski, Dr. Edwards, Mr. Firman, Ms. Fitzmaurice & Mr. Boyles

Key Topics: AFNC's premier two (2) day negotiation webinar or in-person workshop provides an in-depth look into negotiation from a local, national, international, multi-organizational and Great Power Competition (GPC) perspective. The course embraces Student Centered Learning principles through the utilization of interactive discussions and roleplays. During this course, students will identify and demonstrate the following negotiation elements: a) Bargaining ranges and zone of possible agreement (ZOPA), b) Distributive and integrative negotiations, c) AFNC’s TIPO model and Problems Solving Approaches Chart, d) Persuasion and influence techniques, e) Cross-cultural negotiations using the Hofstede Model, f) Dealing with difficult personalities and g) Dealing with multi-parties in negotiations.

Both the webinar and in-resident courses are provided free of charge, however Units are responsible for T & L expenses.

There is a 20 student minimum for in-resident courses with supervisor approval.

Students will be notified one week prior to course start date if minimum is not met.

Upon completion, students will receive a certificate stating completion of 16 hours of training from the Air Force Negotiation Center.

Length: 16 hours

Note: This course is targeted to Air Force Total Force Personnel but is open to all government/federal employees; a government/federal issued email must be used to register. AFNC highly recommends accessing this course through a non-NIPR device.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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* Please DO NOT sign up for this two-day course until you are FULLY able to commit.

Registration will open 30 days prior to course start date