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Air University Press established the “Chennault Papers” series in 2021 to provide a forum for historical topics related to the Department of the Air Force. Named in honor of Gen. Claire Chennault, this series seeks to balance the Air Force’s historic bias toward science and technology with historical perspectives on topics of contemporary interest.

  • After Thursday: Air Commandos Deliver a Killing Blow to Japanese Occupation in Burma

    This work is a synopsis of the involvement of the 1st and 2nd Air Commando Groups alongside other Allied forces from May 1944 to May 1945 in the Pacific Campaign of World War II. Multiple lesser-known operations are included as well as minor assistance provided to friendly forces and novel uses of technology used to achieve victory in the theater. The assumptions that the conflict in Burma ended at the completion of Operation Thursday and the belief that victory was a forgone conclusion are both faulty. One can only win a conflict when the enemy accepts that it has lost. This work is also a pictorial record to provide visuals of the conflict and enhance the narrative beyond statistics and facts.
    [Ryan S. Collins / 2021 / 167 pages / ISSN 2769-6464 / AU Press Code: CH-1]

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